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Main Roulette Board / Re: Birthday paradox
« Last post by Priyanka on Today at 09:12:04 PM »
Hi Priyanka, sorry but this should be 0 I think? Thanks.   :)
Bet selection / Re: Critical Mass
« Last post by ignatus on Today at 09:08:54 PM »
OK, now what do we got? A demonstration how far this system can go, and the risk involved. (The risk worth taking). You see from these charts how bad it is to play with a higher wingoal? This is hit and run, i would say I'll quit after 1-2 hits max, then you've reached your target.

The official wingoal for this one is maximum 50u (playing with 1u bets)

Playing with a 50u wingoal we now got 16/20 games won, that is still a 80% winrate

Bet selection / Re: The Three Musketeers
« Last post by bleep24 on Today at 08:59:57 PM »
Play French tables with La Partage rule for when you encountering a zero.

Bet selection / Re: The Three Musketeers
« Last post by Thunder Pants on Today at 08:09:45 PM »
Oh, and there is probably a couple of situations i didnt mention. Like what to do if you meet a Zero. So far ive been lucky in my sessions but we all know Zero can really cripple things if your unit size it large. So far ive been sticking to the procedure/rules when encountering a Zero aka you cant bet anything as no 2 or 3 numbers follow, so just wait and accept the loss on both step 1 or 2 in the progression. Recovery usually only takes a few spins anyway. If you do run into a wheel where Zero has just been crazy "hot" then perhaps choose another if possible or wait for a dealer change.

Very nicely written.  Good luck with this.

 Am not sure of this though.  I have often seen two ECs streak.  When I say often, I mean very common. 

By the way what is the progression you use?
Thanks! Been using 1, 2, Stop aka basicly just a low/high bet progression. In real life tested with 10, 20 bets & a 300 unit bankroll & stopped once i each 50% win aka 150 units.

Oh and yes, i see 2 ECs as well often, however rarely for longer steaks than a handfull. This is also why its fairly importent to stay clear of when a number repeats as its the "ultimate" streak on all 3 EC's. Again i could (quite possible very often) be wrong about the remaining non-streaking EC being more "changing" during a EC streak. My initial theory may be completely wrong, and perhaps the only reason the strategy works is simply that BB and RRR, HH, EEE is simply more frequent than RRRR, UUUU and LLLL. So you should get more wins longterm no matter what airheaded reason i dream'd up   :xd:

Hi Thunder Pants,

Firstly, good luck with your idea.

I have been looking at something similar (back posts on this forum are a wealth of ideas/info.)     Can I refer you to MM August 7, 2012.  `Progression needed for playing on all EC`s at same time`    The most interesting reply is by Flatino: #8   August 8th, 2012.  but there are also a couple of other good relevant posts.   

I have looked at triggers for everything under the sun and come to the conclusion that 9 times out of 10 they work but the tenth time is when you encounter the RFH.    I have been playing all 3 EC`s at same time with FTL and using Flatino`s staking.     EC`s will average 50%:  Dozens will average 33% etc. etc. so mainly it is a waste of time looking for triggers because you will just end up at about average anyway.

I have been testing playing all 3 EC`s with FTL and Flatinos progression.   You know exactly what to bet and how much to stake each time and so far it has held up very well and and stakes have not gone above 5 units on each EC  (3 x 5)   so is an easy and relatively stress free way of playing.
No tracking and easy to record where your stake is at.  You do not usually see all 3 EC`s streaking or chopping at the same time and believe that this is what makes it a powerful way of playing.  This progression is what I call the snakes and ladders type which I like most.  Also you could drop back more with units staked if you are well in front but do not let us get ahead of ourselves.

Thanks! ill definately have a look at your reference. Also i think you are right there was also a multi EC thread about a month or so ago about betting all 3 EC at the same time & its definately viable, just have to figure out how to implement it & how much. The current version above only allows 1 EC bet at a time for safety reasons as if we run into a Zero or  a repeating number or one of the few numbers that has the same 3 EC as before .. then worst case we lose 1 or 2 units depending on where you are in the progression and it can be recovered in just a few spins however loosing all 3 EC would be a slightly more unpleasant even. So if you want "safe" stick to one single bet.

However the benefits of betting 3 EC at the same time speaks well in strategies like this one where the winrate is high. The flexiblilty of 3 seperate bets may well prove invaluable longterm if done right even with the danger from Zero (and friends). Like perhaps extend the strategy to not only include RR and RRR but also the single R & add another step in the progression so its a bit more dangerous 1, 2, 4. The single R is definately also as common as RR. A LOT more bets to do with potential rewards & needs a fair bit of testing. Rule 1 is still unquestional that is for sure. And those Zero is gonna hurt, but it could work.
Bet selection / Re: Critical Mass
« Last post by icashbot on Today at 07:32:27 PM »
yes ignatus i agree with you on the 7 number optimal bet

anything over 7 numbers goes in to the danger zone on straight up bets ....progression become more risky / flat betting recovery becomes very hard  3 ,  5 or 7 numbers is the key  set of numbers to integrate into a good bet selection.
Main Roulette Board / Re: Birthday paradox
« Last post by goldrosen on Today at 07:21:41 PM »

32   - Event 3. Event 3 cannot occur in the next spin. So no bet on next spin.
6     - Event 4. Event 3 is possible in next spin. Bet on 3rd dozen.
21 – Event 2. Lost -1
22 – Event 5. Lost. -2
22 – Event 5. Won. -1
18 – Event 5. +1
7 –Event 1. +1
26 – Event 3. 0
16 – Event 5. +2
29 – Event 3. +3
28 – Event 6. +2
8 – Event 4. 0
9 – Event 1. -1
14 – Event 2. -2
11 – Event 1. -1
3 – Event 1. +1 < Hi Priyanka, sorry but this should be 0 I think? Thanks.   :)
Main Roulette Board / Re: Birthday paradox
« Last post by RouletteGhost on Today at 06:11:38 PM »
Many conspiracies hold true.

Just one I can't seem to level with.....
Main Roulette Board / Re: Birthday paradox
« Last post by falkor2k15 on Today at 06:02:17 PM »
It's someone we know who is a dual poster and pretends to have bad English and sticks around to be annoying

Just ignore it
I went to a conspiracy event once. Many average British guys all queued up to take turns asking questions. Surprisingly, each of them was totally incoherent! Small wonder that Q&A session was never released. And the conspiracy happened to be dead true - yet it's unlikely most of these guys could tell either way - they were just there for the sake of any conspiracy regardless of the ones that they really understand or not.
General Discussion / Re: ? on minimum bet for E/C
« Last post by nottophammer on Today at 05:03:37 PM »
+11 #27
Main Roulette Board / Re: Birthday paradox
« Last post by RouletteGhost on Today at 04:54:06 PM »
as your here goldrosen i'll give you the finger as you dont post, Wa

It's someone we know who is a dual poster and pretends to have bad English and sticks around to be annoying

Just ignore it
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