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Title: Manerva or Robi
Post by: MILLWARD007 on Mar 05, 01:11 PM 2020
Please avoid any interaction with is con man .
Manevra or Robi.

He’s selling an AI Bot trial amongst other things.

But after offering to send money back after mis selling product , he has now gone into hiding.


Title: Re: Manerva or Robi
Post by: Manevra1337 on Mar 05, 04:42 PM 2020
nobody is hiding.

You telling me refund, than wait let's try it tomorrow.

Than after refund, I cant be online always, I sleep too

Let's get this done, mail me.

Title: Re: Manerva or Robi
Post by: Clf7 on Mar 05, 06:43 PM 2020
Steve please ban this scammer.
Title: Re: Manerva or Robi
Post by: MILLWARD007 on Mar 05, 06:46 PM 2020
Robi ,
I’ve emailed you twice with no reply !!
Title: Re: Manerva or Robi
Post by: GregoryW on Aug 23, 06:35 AM 2020

This person is a scammer robitoth50@gmail.com, Toth Robert Sergiu, Manevra, skype tothrobert61, what's app: +40752903462.
It impersonates countless email addresses: raeone147@gmail.com, robitoth50@gmail.com,
vixmontana7@gmail.com, ogalpobrrr@gmail.com, skrill.robert99@gmail.com.
Impersonates the names and surnames of strange personalities: Michele Galfre, Mercy Cherono,
Has Otniel Vinicius.
Not deal anything with him. He has youtube channel where he posts videos of his winning.
How he scam is to charge fee and then give them fake bot files.
It tries to invest your money in bitcoins at all costs.
You will never see bitcoin or eur !!!!
In this way you can lose hundreds of €.
Various types of software installations will be forced on you,
which will be of no use - he's just a super cheater.
If you try to contact him, you will always be deceived - SKRILL does not work,
has a problem with the bank. Or she is on vacation !!!
You'll never get a real answer he will avoid you, hiding behind a computer screen.

You don't believe me? Then try it yourself! I WARNED YOU !!!!

The important thing is that YOUTUBE does not respond to complaints,
prefers to earn on it!


Read here! xs://x.youtube.com/channel/UC85EZVG-w0EZOSicGkEzHbg/discussion
Title: Re: Manerva or Robi
Post by: GregoryW on Aug 23, 06:45 AM 2020
For over two weeks, I have been asking for a refund (a lot of money !!) or setting up a bot. Without result!
It hides behind a computer or telephone monitor. At the moment I am most likely blocked from all contacts.
It's a clever manipulator! Among other things, it sends such offers: He sends such messages >>>Hi dear roulette players, trial offer for A.I Bot is available 5 slots only, current slots 60.

Remaining slots: 5

To be eligible for the trial offer you have to respect the rules marked below:

- 300 EUR minimum deposit into bitcoin casino account.
- After winning, share 50% of winnings to my bitcoin wallet (after withdrawal that should be processed within 5 to 10 minutes on the casino I recommend)
- No verification needed on the bitcoin casino I will recommend you.
- I will assist you in buying bitcoins for the gameplay.
- Firstly I will install you the A.I Bot, than you gonna deposit the bitcoins to the casino I will recommend, will play, and at the end of the session you withdraw and send my cut.
- With 300 EUR, I can guarantee your part is gonna be 10x, that means 3,000 EUR.
- This offer is available till 20/08/2020.

Those who are interested write me on Telegram Manevra1337 or [RW]Robi <robitoth50@gmail.com>>>

Or that touts your bot:nformations about A.I bot:

Winning rate: 90% tested over the best tables from Evolution Gaming.
Limited slots: 50, slots that are already sold: 48
Limit per table players: 10
Betting prediction with queue system.

Limitations are present for mantaining the winning rate at 90%.

A.I bot is using OpenCV - open computer vision is used to detect elements from the screen, it will detect the ball and dealer, takes the hand gestures, launching point, ball speed and wheel rotation.

A.I bot can intercat with the computer screen and it can place the bet in less than a second, it moves the mouse pointer to the racetrack number that is same as the prediction. (this is a feature that can be turned off or on).

A.I bot uses also money management strategy if automatic betting is turned on, it can play flat betting (same chip) or progresive betting (increasing chip size) according to the available balance from the casino.

A.I bot works only on Evolution Gaming platform and Live European roulette tables with Dealer.

Payment methods: Skrill, Revolut, Western Union, Bitcoin