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System Players Only (no advantage play) / Re: Random Thoughts
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on Jul 31, 11:54 AM 2018 to baldguy99
Hello, I am new to join this forum. I am a Mathematics/Computer Science student that has been studying Combinatorial Theory, and especially Ramsey Theory. One day, I got the interesting idea to play casino games with some important theorems in Ramsey Theory, especially Van der Waerden's Theorem and Shur's Theorem. I started coding up a roulette simulator last night to test my algorithms.
This thread is cool. The first posts took a step in the right direction, but I think that there is lots and lots of room for further development, as well as the potential to lay other casino games in this type of strategy.

I think about the game of roulette as being a set S of 38 elements. We can partition this set into different partitions in different ways. Namely:

%%   =Partitions=
%%   __________________________________________
%%  | elements | partitions | number of ways |
%%  |----------|------------|----------------|
%%  |   12      |      3   |      2       |
%%  |   18      |   2      |   3          |
%%  |   1      |   36      |   1          |
%%  |   4      |   9      |   1          |
%%  |   2      |   18      |   1          |
%%  |   3      |   12      |   1          |
%%  |   6      |   6      |   1          |
%%  |----------------------------------------|

Not to mention the fact that {0,00} will always be in their own disjoint partition of the set. We can actually identify multiple arithmetic progression at the same time, based on a single element being a member of multiple partitions at the same time. Thus, we can tremendously increase the odds of winning. Theoretically, I conjecture that it is possible to get almost 100% win rate.

Set partitions are an interesting area of math. The second kind of sterling number is the number of ways to partition a set of n elements in partitions of size k: S(n,k).  The Catalan Number is the number of non-intersecting partitions. You can calculate it by subtracting all set partitions that intersect from the second Sterling Number. The Catalan number is also the number of full binary trees on n+1 leaves, and is also the number of paths that can be taken to get from point A to point B  without crossing the diagonal straight line between the points.

There are many other applications of combinatorial number theory in Baccarat, for example, which can be thought of as a system of polynomials modulo 10.
Main Roulette Board / Re: *PATTERN BREAKER*
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on Feb 10, 10:01 AM 2018 to turnerfeck
what if you start over at another table or is that also considered as continuosly?
Well here is the old question that creeps into any John Legend post, and that is hit and run.
Johns posts had one thing in common and that is the belief that you could out wit random by "asking random to do something it is not good at" implying that random is a noun and not an adjective.
Surely no one just takes this belief on face value just because John said it?
Surely you would inveatigate whay random means first?
As well as John explains his methods in full...you have to accept blindly his view on random. It is the weakest part of any of his methods.
As for the quote above...why would changing tables or breaking play up with hit and run make any difference to the numbers you play with?
The only time it makes sense to change tables is if the believe the other table is flawed and you can gain some advantage by noting the nature of its bias away from being a random number generator
Having said that....its just negative to assume sentinel and Dr arnt winning with PB....I hope they are but dont just play it becauae they are doing well.....try and understant all ellement that you are seeing especially what random is and what it is not.
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