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Testing zone / Re: Beating the even money
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on Mar 15, 04:54 PM 2019 to jono1167
Hi Jono, very good job indeed but i have a few queries:
 a)  I can see that the bold trigger has always to match with 1st leg of previous triplet  but how you pick this base triplet in a session? You track always for the appearance of xxx+x to start betting?
 b) You stick  to 1-2 prog for 2 first bets, dont go for 2-4 on a loss  anymore?
 c) How exactly you play the mini lab (eg 1st blue triplet 111 minus, how you bet next blues, can you give a short example with few of them)?

No worries. I’ll answer your queries. To begin with, I came up with this method when I was testing Atlantis’ method of betting against the third triplet appearing. There’s a lot of waiting around in that method, so this provides opportunities whilst waiting for that third triplet to appear.

A) correct, I just wait for the first triplet to begin repeating itself. E.g. 2 1 1  2..... Start betting here because the first triplet has begun repeating.

B) Correct, I now just use the 1 2 Marty. If I have two losses, I take the -3 units and move on. This is the most you can lose at this stage.

C) I’ll explain the mini-lab. At this stage, the string will look like this: 2 1 1  2 1 1. You now begin to bet against the appearance of the third triplet appearing. This will last for three bets. Of course, the triplet could repeat again, in which case you would end up betting against the triplet appearing for the fourth time. This is very rare and it hasn’t happened to me yet, but no doubt it will in the future.

Anyway, at this stage we’re betting against the triplet appearing for the third time. 2 1 1  2 1 1. I record these bets separately using the mini lab.

The first mini-lab bet is 1-1 (1+1 =2). We lose. (String now looks like this: 2 1 1  2 1 1  2). The second mini-lab bet is 1-1-2 (1 + 2. Add two outside numbers). We lose again. (String now looks like this: 2 1 1  2 1 1  2 1). The third mini-lab bet is 1-1-2-3 (1 + 4 Add two outside numbers). We win. (LLW -1). The string now looks like this:  2 1 1  2 1 1  2 1 2.
Remember, next time you use the mini-lab,  it carries over, it will look like this: 1-2-3. Your first bet will be four.

That’s it.... The method isn’t perfect but it’s what I’ve been experimenting with. If you can improve it, please do.

For now I’m going to test Winners ‘Dominant 3’ method. I’ll post results later...
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