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Main Roulette Board / Re: @ turbo
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on May 14, 07:38 PM 2019 to plolp

I too reversed my nickname but no one noticed.
Main Roulette Board / Re: @ turbo
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on May 13, 07:43 PM 2019 to Steve
Firstly, yes ATELUR NOISAP is PassionRuleta. The IPs are in the same country and city.

I have seen that several people have said find something to win and put graphics where they see that they win, because there are people in the forum who say that this is not true and they go on to explain it?

Yes and we do explain it. But some people still dont get it.

So if they do not want to explain it, they will be expelled? why?

This comment references people who dont want to share systems. We have a "no baiting" rule because trolls tend to make claims they have the HG, and string people along for ego. Their clues are vague, contradictory and have people running in circles. There is of course some degree of hinting allowed, because people dont have to share anything. But if they are here on a forum, they should be here to share - not make people run in circles with what appear to be clues that lead nowhere. Over the years, we'd had many such trolls. Some do it for ego, and some do it to have other people do testing of ideas for them.

If you dont want to share, or dont want to give principles and hints people can act on and test, then this isnt the place for you. Go and make money in real casinos instead.

because if they know so much they do not explain why it does not work and explain what they know if it works?

Again it is explained. You just dont get it. And it;s even worse when you try and sell something you know doesn't work, while claiming you're not selling anything. Worse again when you try and do it behind everyone's back with PMs.

is that I am seeing that people who know how to win or so they say, end up being expelled or leave the forum, then how are we going to let them explain us if we only judge them?

Passion, you baited people, you had no idea what you were talking about, misled people, and tried to sell garbage via spamming people with PMs. You even got caught publishing obviously deceptive winning receipts. You were clearly running a scam, and the vast majority of members had the same view. You should have been banned much earlier.

Main Roulette Board / Re: @ turbo
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on May 13, 04:19 PM 2019 to Atelur noisap
I'm a girl, my name is Astrid.
I like this world of roulette because my father was a great fan of the game and a very good player, he got a very easy way to win, which is what I play with and the truth that he always wins, but he won little a little.
Is there a problem because it's a girl?
Systems, Products & Services For Sale / Re: Youtube channel
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on May 04, 09:33 AM 2019 to Batmanuru
My game itself is varied, game reading, statistics, visual ballistics and systems. Also in a while I played with the signature of the distributor. I filled out Excel spreadsheets and thus worked by scoring thousands of balls. I am more lazy today.
Depends on the day is what I apply.
The Notepad / Re: Vaddis Holy Grail
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on Mar 31, 09:38 PM 2019 to Turkish4
For me personally I can't believe that certain people are having success with Vaddi-inspired methods of play using carpet neighbors. 

I really expected it to rely on wheel neighbors, to catch dealers who were unintentionally hitting sectors repeatedly, or another mechanic that produced a higher hit rate than expected due to external factors (defective wheel, VB, etc, without tracking.  Just lucking into it due to following wheel neighbors basically). 

But Ben and Jono have done solid testing otherwise, large scale, and carpet neighbors, even with RNG, have produced some tentative results.   :thumbsup:

Hi Mako! I still think carpet neighbours has a bit of a legit claim to be part of the vaddi system. Some areas match up between the mat and the wheel.
0/32 - 1/33
1/20 - 2/21
2/25 - 3/26
6/27 - 7/28
7/29 - 30/8
9/22 - 10/23
12/35 - 13/36
24/16 - 25/17

You can see that they line up next to each other on the wheel but are considered vaddi pairs.

Humor / Re: What members look like, or who's this?
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on Mar 21, 10:50 AM 2019 to Person S
Guess who. This one's a bit of an oddball:

This is a zero - materialized after working in a casino. :xd:
Outside The Box / Re: Outside the box: a different view on roulette numbers
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on Mar 20, 01:50 PM 2019 to Firefox
It's in french but it's an quantic out-of-the box concept.  Could inspire anyone...
Oh!  The cat repeats, oh! it's unique now.

Le chat de Schrodinger  :question:  :wink:
The Notepad / Re: Vaddis Holy Grail
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on Mar 20, 08:10 AM 2019 to Anastasius
Was the vaddis grail created in neverland by peter pan by any chance
The Notepad / Re: Vaddis Holy Grail
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on Mar 17, 02:56 PM 2019 to nottophammer
one of the mucking about days.
Testing zone / Re: Dealer's Signature. Does it Exist?
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on Mar 16, 10:22 PM 2019 to Firefox
It goes hand in hand with what The General says about limiting  degrees of freedom. By forcing the ball to fall off at one place/quadrant , I am eliminating or softening one variable. It doesn't matter too much if I spin 9 or 10  revolutions. An extra revolution will only take half a second at the start of the spin. The rotor travelling at 9 pockets per second will only move 4.5 pockets in that time. So even the difference between 9 and 10 ball revs is just 4.5 pockets. So at drop off point we are still in the same ball park. The numbers appearing under the ball at drop off are still sensibly the same and given the same scatter profile, we have the plots as shown.

Of course I am aiming for the same steady throw just as a bored dealer might, and I am throwing the same rotor speed each time. And I am throwing from the same spot each time. But all those variables can be assessed before we bet. If my pit boss tells me to vary it and I throw a 14 rev ball that's 2 or 3 secs longer which means the other side of the rotor is presented to the DZ at fall off. Now betting 19/4 sector is in the shadow, and favoured numbers will be 33 sector. We wouldn't bet this spin, and probably leave at some stage if they are obviously and deliberately trying to change the conditions every spin.

Dealers signature would still exist if there wasn't a 90% dominant drop zone like we we have here, it's just harder to see. Say the ball falls off 40% at one diamond 30% the next then 20% then 10%. That's typical of more wheels you'll find. But you'd still have 70% of balls complying with the pattern, with the next diamond giving you random balls, and the last giving you shadow balls. So instead of 40 occurrences in 1000 we might see 34 for the dominant numbers... still worth betting on. But they will be mixed in with random other numbers performing well, so the scatter peak is much smaller and more hidden.

I'd differentiate the occurrence of signature from inherent wheel bias numbers by looking at what was happening before and during the spin. First I look for a dominant dropzone wheel. Hopefully at least 70% or more on two diamonds adjacent. Then I look at where he releases, where the ball ends up, and how it gets there. In this case for this wheel I'd know what the scatter signature was at that rotor speed, so I look for the ball going a certain number of revs round the wheel, coming off in the dominant DZ, looking at the number under drop off and then scattering say 18 or 24 pockets into the same sector. This is shifting every spin. Say he spins from zero under the same conditions (as the test) and 10 to 24 appears under the ball in the DZ -  great that's 19/4 predicted, but the prediction doesn't work because it gets a long roll, or a spinner, or goes up the cone and bounces back and it lands in 10. Now he's spinning from 10 not zero and we are looking for zero/26 to appear under the ball in the DZ and an anticlockwise scatter into the 8 to 11 area. Now he hits 11 and spins from there clockwise so we are looking for 28 in the DZ and 8 to 24 area. Every number which matches the prediction falls into the pattern of a dealer bias number, but they may be different numbers on every spin. Whereas wheel bias numbers are the same regardless and just occur whatever is happening elsewhere. If the dealer is too random throwing different rotors and ball speeds, I can't get a handle on what is going on, so I'll go back to VB or find another table.

By home spinning no, I don't really get a better feel for what casino dealers do. If another person spins, I have still have to track/record the physical variables. Rotor speed, fall off point, scatter, fall off numbers, number of ball revs before fall off etc etc. Sometimes the dealer throws a wobbly ball (chatter) or sometimes there is a different sound or there appears to be backspin or side spin; this may make the spin 2 revs shorter. That's about 9 pockets different on a 4 second rotor or 12 pockets on a 3 second rotor. If a dealer does that a lot, I'd personally avoid that dealer, or not use them for DS.
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