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Main Roulette Board / Re: Over There but Here, Reading Randomness
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on Oct 23, 12:58 PM 2019 to gizmotron2
What casino wins has nothing to do with the house edge.

That's what I'm saying. People surrender to the lie that "the house always wins." The truth is that you are supposed to win. You are supposed to go into a casino and take their money. All you need is self control and situational awareness. You must become a "Hit Man." Your job is to kill. When you walk in the door the casino, that casino is your prey. You don't have to feel guilty about it either. The casino is not on the endangered species list.

I wrote Reading Randomness here at this web forum to teach self control over greed and to make opportunity awareness a skill for everyone that is willing to freely apply themselves. It's also a trap to catch people that can't free themselves from being captives of the notion that they are supposed to lose. The truth is that they are supposed to win. This method ferrets out people that are leaning so heavy on the belief that they are supposed to lose that they go bonkers in the mind when being faced with it. So they blow up and call us stupid. That's OK with me. Yes, I'm stupid. Now I'm going to go murder a few casinos. I prefer the slow death style. I could write an AI algorithm that finishes the gambling industry off in a merciful way. One quick proof of concept. Just publish the source code and I'm an instant "genius." A genius is someone that discovers something that has always been the truth. It's not really that much of an achievement. Yes, I worked on all this alone for more that 13 years. I took a beating from the mathFags all along the way. They are so fagged out for losing that it's actually funny to read how flat the world still is.

Magical beliefs like magnets in the wheel are funny. You don't need magnets in the wheels when people have magnets for brains. People point north like a compass the second they touch the handle on the door of the casino. They are already drooling like Pavlov's Dog. Casinos are places to go and watch others get killed. It's like seeing the Christians marched into the Roman Colosseum to meet the lions. I love it more than our modern day American Style Football. It's an actual idiots parade with a very happy marching band. They are all there expecting to get killed and so they do. Everyone loves a good and bloody car crash. They can't take their eyes off of it. I'd like to thank most of you for all the cheap entertainment for all these years. Make it bloody. Hahaha!
Humor / Re: My funny archive
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on Oct 16, 01:38 PM 2019 to Tinsoldiers
Another 100 clocked....

And I would have made a family patent, if I was him.
The Notepad / Re: Theories, Myths, Facts And Ideas
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on Oct 15, 09:49 AM 2019 to MoneyT101
You may want to be able to answer your own questions before you riddle others with them.

I showed proof in my example that I can do something similar!   Questions help others think different.

You keep insinuating that I’m looking for information from ppl in this forum.

I want one person to come forward and say I asked for them to share info with me.  And each person that has attempted something and it seems to work I’ve told them congrats and never even asked what they did.

So please stfu with your dumb comments and accusations.

Main Roulette Board / Re: 37 back to basics
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on Sep 18, 10:40 AM 2019 to Mako
just took me ages to write that out went to post and it logged me out will have to start over again when i get back in

That is a pain, I force myself to use notepad and just copy the text when done if I know the post is going to be a long one now.
Main Roulette Board / Re: Roulette based on Teslas 369 Code
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on Sep 09, 09:25 AM 2019 to 6th-sense
Think he did mention in that video or the others he was going to take it down ..pretty sure someone had the foresight to record the linked YouTube video just in in case..
The Notepad / Re: Vaddis Holy Grail
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on Sep 07, 09:25 AM 2019 to Frodo
Maybe vaddi did think outside the box. I do not understand his bet but if he was true,  kids think visually, not in numbers, not in statistics. if the system is easy, it has to follow visual marks.

in any 37 spin cycle, we average 24 hit numbers.  12 doubles 12 singles and 13 unhit. every single time.
My thoughts on his method:

24/3=8  means 24 total hit numbers = 8 numbers per dozen
12/3 =4  means 12 doubles  = 4 doubles per dozen

if doubles hit, focus on catching the singles
thinking numbers as a horizontal line. 37 spaces. there will be no 12 consecutive empty spaces at the end of a cycle.

if singles hit, focus on catching the doubles
to increase accuracy, wait for 8 numbers without repeats than aim to catch a repeat

balance= balance between doubles and unhit (target: 12 each at the end of the 37 spins)

The HG would have to be a continuous process.

lets take 19 spins in. No betting yet. Half of spins from a 37 spin cycle.
how many unhits do we have? how many repeats?
if unhits > doubles, how do we catch the doubles?

Main Roulette Board / Re: 37 back to basics
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on Jul 11, 08:06 AM 2019 to FreeRoulette
Tried the tracker for 37 spins. It seemed rare enough to have a gap of 4 numbers in a row not hit on the wheel. If it was close to the 37th spin and there was a 4 or 5 number gap, betting those numbers might make profit over time.
Main Roulette Board / Re: Canon Method
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on Jul 10, 04:29 AM 2019 to TurboGenius
So if hot numbers stay hot then I sit and bet for next 500 spins on those hot numbers am guessing I will be rich soon. Nice to know.

Past spins aren't relevant.
You can look at the list of past hot numbers and that's not going to tell you the future spins being hot or not.

Does NO ONE pay attention to a damn thing that I say ? No.

My suggestion was based on the fact that when you begin betting (not using past spins...) if you don't get a hit then you are better off moving your bet.
A number that hasn't shown in the expected number of spins is potentially a long term sleeper and should be avoided.
Therefore the opposite is true - a number that is appearing above expected will end up being one of the long term potentially hot numbers that WILL happen. (due to random).
Why do I bother to explain this over and over again.

Oh just assume this situation.
#0 is going to show 10 times in the next 150 spins.
#3 is not going to show at all for the next 150 spins.
(combined they show 10 times over 150 spins - right about on target with "normal" expectation)

Who would suggest that you continue to bet on #3 for those spins while losing every spin ?
Who would say NOT to bet on #0 and benefiting from every single time it appeared ?
You only win playing this game by betting on numbers that show,  you lose by betting on numbers that don't show. Basics anyone ?

Or just ignore what I posted - keep doing what you're doing. Shrugs.
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on Jul 09, 04:27 PM 2019 to TurboGenius
Staged theatrical nonsense
Why the "music" playing along with the video to make it more dramatic ?
Damn I hate religion, it's exactly why the world is busy fighting with itself instead of
people using common sense and understanding that there is no "God" - by whatever name
you give "it". If people don't realize this - our species is doomed.
Obviously that's where we're headed and what people want.
Off-Topic / Re: The Millionaire's System
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on Sep 29, 02:06 AM 2018 to Nick-the-Greek
I feel religion has no place on this open forum and given the current state of world affairs I find it in very bad taste.

An individuals religious belief is a private and personal matter and should be kept so - 'preaching' is what causes all the trouble.

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