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Coding for Roulette / Re: JavaScript to code a Roulette Bot - 2019
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on Apr 17, 03:12 PM 2019 to webstars
Hi all,
I get a lot of pm.
Please ask your question in here so everyone know the answer

Best regards
Coding for Roulette / Re: JavaScript to code a Roulette Bot - 2019
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on Apr 16, 06:21 PM 2019 to webstars
Hey webstar,

this is indeed a very nice method to automate betting. Cheers for that.

However i dont get it to work. I tried it also with Evolution Auto Roulette but i get an error.

TypeError: $(...) is null

open the iframe url in a  new tab and it will work :)
Coding for Roulette / Re: JavaScript to code a Roulette Bot - 2019
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on Apr 15, 07:24 PM 2019 to webstars
Here a quick video for you all :)

Testing zone / Re: Beating the even money
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on Apr 11, 10:43 PM 2019 to jono1167
I could program this in VBA/Excel if i knew the rules.   Is this a modification not yet discussed in this thread?

If you've placed 15k bets and it's still ahead, that's saying something.  About how many units are you up now?

I haven't worked out the winnings. Because there are so many numbers I'm just putting down WL, LLW, WW LLL etc. I'll go through and do the sums at the end. When I hit a very bad patch, I do some quick maths to make sure the system hasn't sunk.

I'm still fine tuning the rules... I've got the main system, but I'm also looking at identifying an earlier betting opportunity using a separate betting stream. 

By the end of next week, even if I'm not through the numbers, I will start finishing off. I'm starting to realise that with the amount of numbers involved, it's not practical to test everything manually.

I will share everything when complete.
Main Roulette Board / Re: A new possible HG
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on Mar 29, 04:22 AM 2019 to Anastasius
Passion of the wheel-

Pm.me the method if i win ill send u half of wins bhaha
Main Roulette Board / Re: A new possible HG
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on Mar 19, 05:31 AM 2019 to Kan@am@
[quote author = Madi link = topic = 25915.msg224959 # msg224959 date = 1552878738]
To all forum members !!!!
When someone is planning to ask me about materials on JUNscessorhands system, please be ready to share information if you will have any progress with it. Its a freebie .Passionrouletta made a progress based on that material and now asking me to make some payment to him for information that I got

By Kan @ am
[/ quote

Hahahaha, then do you think that what I discovered is because of that information? Do not make me laugh, that information does not say anything new and is not correct.
Because you have not discovered it? Because that information is not worth anything, I have discovered it on my ideas, which are many along which I have studied vaddis, but that information did not help me at all. But all those who have that information would have discovered it, but there are said to play single or separate paired and vaddis clearly says that you have to play both, so ...
Do not come telling stories, that the merit of everything that I have achieved has been by my effort and that of my classmates.

Couple of months ago you tried to sell me system that require about 2700 unit.Suddenly you flashing system that based on analyzing past 8 spins, but this is the main part of Junscessorhands system.Anyone who got reading  materials from me can clearly see that.
General Discussion / Re: Junscessorhands HG.
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on Feb 28, 01:41 AM 2019 to Shogun
I only test with RS. I don't really know how to code with RX. I have tried a lot of different ways, with the great input of BBB, Mako, Proof, Sparks,Jono and 6th. I can't really get anything to work that I would play in the casino. I have gone back and forth 100 times playing table pairs or wheel pairs. Even yesterday and today I was testing table pairs. But as someone who only plays on live wheels my gut tells me it's based on the wheel. Let's face it, neighbors hit quite often. I am a wheel player to begin with. Thats the only way I play. I think 6-th back to basics thread showed it best.

 I don't know if anything is as mechanical as we want to think it is. I think you just have to kind of feel where the ball is going based on where it's been recently. Hit pairs from the wheel in other words. Eventually pairs turn into three, four and fives. You can't catch everything.  I think you are constantly moving with the wheel of that makes sense. I could be wrong.

A couple of things that Vaddi says but seems to be forgotten. Look up at the top of the marquee and copy exactly what the WHEEL is doing.

He also mentioned how if there is a dealer signature then you really can take advantage of what is going on.

So right now I am looking at the last 4 numbers out and bet their two wheel neighbors. I do this for four spins. If I get a hit I reset with last 4 numbers and wheel neighbors. If I don't win in 4 spins. I start new process with last 4 numbers out.

Thanks for the reply.  I’ve been testing many variants. Don’t post a lot but love reading and testing along with you guys.  At the moment I’m testing similar to you but using a rolling 4 numbers and there pairs. Or just the pairs. Find 6 worked better than four. Still lots of testing to do. I’m using the wheel pairs at the moment. Easier for me to code. But to be honest not sure it matters wheel or table.  I interpret vaddis balance as a number hit and an unhit number
Or two ? To balance. Whether it’s wheel based or table.
If you have Rx you can use real spins to test. 
Pm me your email if you want my code.
Testing zone / Re: Sparks' Vaddis Grail
Excellent contribution Excellent contribution
on Feb 03, 12:48 AM 2019 to nottophammer
Buff; thought i'd give the wheel ago, instead of bet the pair on carpet.

Now zero is top spot on wheel. To get the pairing; go forward on either side of zero. So if 31-9 gives a trigger and say next spin is 34, bet 31-9, 34-6. Say 17 lands, the 34 is covered so step back, bet 31-9, 34-6, 25-17

Do you think Turbo would like the #22

Early days.
What does ND at G oof  F orum say; those cats over at RF. Dickhead, like DSAA
The Notepad / Re: The Binomial Parachute
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on Dec 11, 03:43 AM 2018 to ego

I will announce this as Sputnik's HG and will report my success.
Did more testing and come up with tweaks that improve the method even more.

Main Roulette Board / Simple System, Low bankroll, One bet selection.
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on Nov 24, 02:06 PM 2018 to Nimo
Here is a simple system that I use based on knowing that I will double my bankroll roughly every 1000 spins.  I play it RNG only.  200 Unit bankroll will double in approximately 1000 spins.  May not seem like a lot per spin, however a large enough unit makes this very worthwhile.

 Here are the charts, one in Roulette Simulator, on on RX real money spins.  The charts have similar but different upward and downwards trends, with an overall upward trend, the very interesting thing is the dollar amounts are similar within the spin range.  For example the RX and the  RS around the 150 spin mark both show around +40 units, with multiple similarities throughout.  Largest amount bet is 18 units on RS and 8 units on RX real money spins.  RX shows a just over 8% win rate, higher than house edge and over 1000 spins. 

Here is the system:

Bet 1 unit on any dozen or column. I usually just play the middle dozen continuously   If you lose four times in a row, increase the bet by 1 unit.  Stay at that unit level until at new high or four losses.  If four losses add one unti, stay at that level until new high or four losses.... and goes on and on .  RS was up to 18 units, and the RS real money went to 8 units.  If you don't get four losses in a row, do not increase the unit bet, You may get a win on the fourth bet but not be at a new high, you would stay on that unit bet and only increase it once you had four losses in a row.
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