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Main Roulette Board / What happened to all of the threads displayed?
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on Dec 29, 03:29 PM 2018 to The General
I've noticed that on the recent thread view that most of the threads have vanished.
The Notepad / Re: VdW
Finger Finger
on May 09, 01:34 PM 2017 to richbailey86
to me it seems if the VDW arithmetic progression could help with gambling then it should be a cash cow for baccart

the problem is the amount of possible APs
Bet selection / Re: The Three Musketeers
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on Jan 19, 06:56 AM 2017 to bleep24
Hi Hexfex,
Sorry but I do not do links.   Look on here on home page, go into page 9 Money Management,   Progression needed for playing all 3 EC`s is the topic title by Malcop.   Look through the posts on there for Flatinos about suggested prog.   

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