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Main Roulette Board / Re: @ turbo
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on Dec 21, 01:49 PM 2018 to nottophammer
No; you are not a member of the club
Main Roulette Board / Re: Conclusion
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on Dec 07, 06:51 AM 2018 to PassionRuleta
[quote author = Roulettebeater link = topic = 21119.msg213818 # msg213818 date = 1544127383]
i saved over than 3 millions real spins in one container and i ran complex analytics on repeaters.

Result: hit rate obtained was equivalent to the hit rate of non repeaters.

Conclusion> repeaters lose over the long run
[/ quote]

Are you sure you know all about the repeaters ?? You miss many more things than you think but you would not say that ...
And who said that I play the repeaters ?? 2 objects inside a locker is a repetition ?? It depends how you look ...
People have to read the things that are on dyksexlic well and some of those who have old messages about dyksexlic should bring them to light so that people can study correctly, although I have almost no information, if I worked hard to understand that it is what it does and because it clearly works, THE PROCESS of the game, not THE EVENTS!
What process is there in the game to get events? How is that game process formed to create the events?
you just have to think and get out of the usual thinking of how to watch the game, nothing more.
Main Roulette Board / Re: Simple System, Low bankroll, One bet selection.
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on Nov 25, 10:18 AM 2018 to luckyfella
It does not matter what the self proclaimed roulette experts say.

Systems players should NEVER ignore the math of roulette - 37pockets with unfair payout of 35 for European wheel.

The ONLY way for systems play to get around this unfair payout is this statement below.

Turbo made this claim -

Proof it with empirical evidence.
Is this claim true ?

That is your ONLY aim.
If you can get hold of this empirical proof you have found the way to win this roulette game.

If you have not found the empirical proof it does not mean TG's claim is not true.
It merely means the proof you seek is beyond you.

If you found this empirical proof and still don't know how to win, it clearly means you don't understand the math behind the 2links I posted.

The best and clear help I have given on forums.
General Discussion / Re: The psychology of a systems player?
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on Oct 16, 11:01 AM 2018 to -Katalyst-
@PrecogMiles - Your post is sighted towards majority of Sys players that you see on here debating the same periodic notions (*though some with merit)

**In reality -  'The psychology of a system player' is vastly different to the psychology of consistent winning system player (*as in any field - as an example - There are athletes and then there are athletes that get paid to be athletes ....similar player - diff belief - diff results)

- the consistent winning system  players are very much different in their approach - this comes with getting runs on the board, building acumen and knowing that it is possible
**documented throughout history - only when majority begin to start 'knowing' then it will become norm 
**As with precog - when majority become still n aware and then start ‘knowing’  - then it will become the norm

Not really interested in the cyclic debates with any of the AP/VB posters either - just sharing my take on it

Best Wishes
Outside The Box / Re: progression with AP (precognition / remote viewing / clairvoyance)? need help
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on Oct 11, 07:28 AM 2018 to luckyfella
...... the fact that I will always get 1 dozen correct within 5 spins or less?
Have you tested millions of trials on millions of wheels to declare it a fact ?

In short, have you conducted statistically significant rigorous test to declare this a FACT ?
General Discussion / Re: Unicorns Aren't Real
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on Oct 11, 07:26 AM 2018 to CoderJoe
Nonsense. Research properly.

Steve, I don't mean youtube videos, I'm talking about serious peer-reviewed scientific research. Many investigators have tried but their studies have all been shown to be flawed or the results insignificant. You're always saying systems should be tested properly, doesn't that apply to precognition research too?

All the evidence is anecdotal, same goes for systems too. You can dismiss so called winning systems as being down to luck, but you can also dismiss anecdotes of precognition as being down to coincidence or flawed methodology.
Testing zone / Re: KTF
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on Sep 25, 09:03 AM 2018 to nottophammer
These 2 jokers, are the typical persons who have gambled and lost. They try and try again but still lose.
So as they can't win, Guess what you can't.

Now they try to undermine everything, get everyone thinking that its impossible to win.

Madi you know whats coming, yes bla bla.

Try on MPR, why is no one winning, when its a brilliant place to test, no glitch's, no number comes before you even had chance to lay a unit, because its not programed as good as R-sim, so you get from a responsible adult, grow up Madi, grow up Notto.
No Steve its fact.

Why should members believe what you come out with, a part from; by my computer sales pitch.

Yep carry on preaching
Main Roulette Board / Re: @ turbo
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on Sep 17, 02:43 PM 2018 to The General
For those of us that live in the modern world, its our duty to point out those posters that have become obsolete.  Then again most newbies can just read the posts and see for themselves who has anything to offer.

Hey, what are you talking about?  I live in the modern world!  I even got one of them cell phones!
Main Roulette Board / Re: @ turbo
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on Sep 15, 09:05 PM 2018 to richbailey86
Oh no


Very wrong

I get it

I just don’t align with ya. I don’t do the million spin test thing

If he can show two years worth of charts testing 50 spins winning each one that’s all I need

Give the man a little a credit. Stop being douches.
Main Roulette Board / Re: 37 back to basics
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on Sep 11, 09:01 AM 2018 to -Katalyst-
Jun - who!? —-Caleb n comp!?   :question:
Haha! - kiddin - couldn’t resist !   ::)

Nimo - peeps in this world won’t believe what they can’t fatham or see - till it happens in front of them - by then though it generally doesn’t matter cause rest of the crowd have jumped on ........and you? - you would have moved onto something greater 
- Peeps are so caught up with themselves that even when you share your blessings with them, they will question and then question and then question and then ........
- this has been my experience, that’s just how it works at the moment in this world-

Yes you are quite generous with your findings  :thumbsup:

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