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Multiplayer Roulette Game / Re: MPR
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on Jun 26, 02:24 AM 2018 to Taotie
oh dear,

General Discussion / Re: The story of Ken (Mr J)
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on Jan 18, 05:19 PM 2018 to richbailey86

i have to post this

cause i laughed out loud



the good old days

Good old caleb

Main Roulette Board / Re: Repeats Prog Method
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on Jan 17, 06:58 PM 2018 to DoctorSudoku

For the first time I'm saying that I got my "Holy Grail". And I can tell it's really impressive!

This forum has helped me a lot, but I no longer need to look for a strategy.


The above quotes are worth bookmarking ...... to use against you in the future.

We won't have to wait long ...... probably just a couple of weeks.
Main Roulette Board / Re: Easy 240 units a day?
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on Dec 02, 02:09 PM 2017 to Lucky7Red
Better is to play on 2 numbers then 35 numbers.
Main Roulette Board / Re: Turbo Denzie or is it Denzie Turbo
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on Jul 24, 08:35 PM 2017 to Steve
Falkor, I understand enough of what you're saying now to understand you really don't know what you're talking about. What I don't understand is how and why you don't understand. I think you should carefully think about the logic. You arent the only person to misunderstand something - we all do at some point. But some of what you said is particular bad understanding.
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