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Humor / Re: My funny archive
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on Oct 16, 01:38 PM 2019 by stringbeanpc
Another 100 clocked....

And I would have made a family patent, if I was him.
The Notepad / Re: Theories, Myths, Facts And Ideas
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on Oct 10, 10:48 AM 2019 by Blueprint
Yet, I was advised you could not 'stumble' and to 'not think in solutions.'
Stop sulking and speak for yourselves. On a slightly different point of view, there are good and bad advices, but the prerogative to follow them or not is yours and yours only.
Main Roulette Board / Re: Can Parachuting help?
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on Aug 01, 10:11 AM 2018 by Blueprint
but hedging and parachuting
What makes you think so. The sole reason we are discussing is because somewhere you wrote you are looking for a long term method. But if you are looking at hedging and parachuting, all these are individual cases of doing different methods. How is the sequence of placing methods matter? It is as if placing varied bets on dozen, varied bets on lines etc either one after other or mingled with each other. Outcome is house edge. You keep talking about big picture, why are you lost in details not able to see the big picture?
Main Roulette Board / Re: Can Parachuting help?
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on Jul 19, 10:22 AM 2018 by junscissorhands
Do you actually play roulette falkor2k15
Main Roulette Board / Re: Quadruplet PHP Cycles - extinguishing deadlocks
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on Jul 11, 05:58 AM 2018 by poobear
Day 2 - things didn’t  turn out as I expected.
Day 3 - hey I have the hg
Day 4 - I am working towards one.
Day 5 - mr. Watson, I have cracked the code.
Day 6 - my tail is between my legs.
Day 7 - I can see myself sipping a prosecco in my own island.
Day 8 - I didn’t realise I was sipping my own p1ss. 
Day 9 - you are all going to pay me a thousand dollars for a piece of my holy grail.
Day 10 - can you please lend me your hg for a few quids.
Day 12 - I think you now know how the next 11 days are going to be. 

Wheels of the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round all day long. No wonder you refer to cycles a lot in your post.
Blogs / Ignorance is bliss
Excellent contribution Excellent contribution
on Jul 09, 11:18 AM 2018 by Wally Gator
An apt description of posts that am reading in the forum. It is good to see that point of view of people change over time as they grab more and more knowledge. But what doesn’t change is attitude. People tend to believe what they know is the limit and neither have the openness nor the patience to extend their horizons. People preaching others on their limits of ignorance without knowing there is so much more than what they know. People want a following and do whatever they can to maintain that respect. People fighting with each other to maintain that following and trying to prove to each other who has the upper hand.  People wanting to win in real life and finding a shelter behind online face to live the life they can’t in reality.  People who have seen it all and lurking the entertainment. 

Daily, weekly and annual gurus, the salesmen and the players of this beautiful stage - An ignorant bunch and after all we are human.
Main Roulette Board / Re: 50 game report
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on Feb 19, 08:30 AM 2018 by sugtips
Taking a very cautious approach as it involves good money. Played 3 games in total today. All won. Stats at the end of day 2. At william hill lost 2 pounds unnecesarily when opening the application and dropped two pounds on the table  >:(. Now will use the other two accounts as well, which will make it 5 casinos in total.
Am on day 9 now. I have started betting £15 in ladbrokes and £5 in other casinos as base bet. I currently play in 7 casinos in total and 7 games a day. I have played a total of 51 games in total. Summary of results so far is:

For anyone wanting to know the details of games played, it is below. I had a terrible day yesterday, otherwise a decent run so far.
Testing zone / Re: 100 days of Morts games
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on Feb 17, 01:36 AM 2018 by nottophammer
Btw I'm not a Brit.
You are fully qualified to be one.
Main Roulette Board / Re: *PATTERN BREAKER*
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on Feb 09, 06:35 AM 2018 by sugtips
Don’t bother Herby. I offered to give something similar and I know where the results are heading. But anything you post will be dismissed saying you are testing continuously and you need to play in real roulette table few games a day for 200 days.  So my humble advice is not to do it.

However if you still want to do it, there are no secret rules and progressions, sentinel has been very clear.  You track all ECs in 3s pattern like HHh, HHL etc. There are total of 24 patterns with 8 each for colour, high low and odd even. Whichever even chance reaches 7 patterns first, bet once that the 8th patten will not happen next. Sometimes the opposite will finish in 1 spin, sometimes it will take full 3 spins. The progression is 1-2-4.  On a win game over. On a loss game over. You restart tracking.  Simple.
Main Roulette Board / Re: @ turbo
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on Feb 06, 09:57 AM 2018 by nextyear
I get what you are trying to do, but it doesn't work because the accuracy is not changing. Betting repeaters isnt any more accurate than betting random numbers.
I don’t know what turbogenius is doing.  But I know for a fact that the above statement can be disproved easily through mathematics. Accuracy should not be viewed as predicting next spin. Accuracy here should be viewed as a statistical significance of a certain set of numbers appearing within a certain number of spins governed by laws of probability. If some one is claiming I can predict with 100% accuracy next 36 spins will contain number 23 then it is easy to see that the claim doesn’t have a mathematical basis. However if someone is claiming that I can predict with 80% accuracy that one of the four numbers will come up in next 36 spins, then it can be probed further. 

The odds of next spin will always remain 37:1, as the spins are independent. However repeaters can happen only on numbers that has happened before. Only a number that has repeated twice can repeat thrice in a stream of numbers, only a number that has repeated thrice can repeat four times etc.  Looking at repeaters creates a bias.  Not because they are hot numbers or an imbalance in the wheel etc, but because they are dependent on what has happened in the past. This is distinct from past spins not impacting future spins as they are independent, which they are. But without the past spins repeaters as a term itself doesn’t have a meaning, which implies there is a dependency. This may not change any odds as even the bias is driven by odds, but there is a potential to look into that bias and try exploit it.
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