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Testing zone / Re: Beating the even money
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on Mar 14, 01:18 PM 2019 by sugtips
Its not exactly as you have it in your mind. 1, 2 stands for a pair of ECs (e.g  1.1.1,1.1,1,1 stands for 7 alternate H/L in a row. How many times have you seen this pattern? Very rarely. Apart from this, we try avoid to play this system continuously, thats why we are talking for same pairs, same triplets, triggers, stoploss progs etc., to cope with variance and come ahead. This is more sophisticated than PB which is more exposed to randomness than this. I suggest you to re-read the whole thread and systems posted here and you will discover a lot of potential with ECs,  the easiest bet someone can make in roulette..
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