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Testing zone / Re: Need someone to test a simple Dozens System.
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on Dec 06, 06:39 PM 2018 by RP501
Can be coded easily. I can do it in excel tomorrow. Pm me your emailaddress, there is no need to pay for this.
Outside The Box / Re: progression with AP (precognition / remote viewing / clairvoyance)? need help
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on Oct 12, 04:33 PM 2018 by precogmiles
Use a cyclic 5 step progression

After a first cycle loses +1 on basebet

After 2 consecutive lost cycles -1
After a win after a lost cycle +1
After a WW after a lost cycle + 1
After a WWW after a lost cycle -1
Each double consecutive win thereafter -1 and each single win repeat previous bet

Reset at breakeven or profit.
(A win here is a win within the 5 steps)
General Discussion / Re: ONLINE AUTOWHEEL
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on Jul 14, 02:02 PM 2018 by nottophammer
Tell us which casino it was and what do you mean with auto wheel? Live wheel Airball or simply rng?
Sometimes bets are being rejected in live play due to so called server or connection issues.
You have to take all this damage along the way and get used to it, if you dont choose to do so, then i suggest to play in a real casino.
Main Roulette Board / Re: World Cup 2018 !!
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on Jul 07, 05:42 PM 2018 by denzie
Belgium croatia more likely
General Discussion / Re: new my system
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on May 26, 09:30 AM 2018 by onlinemelk
From spin 200 untill 800 you arrive at the same BR.
Thats 600 spins not making any profit.
The endresult however is good flatwise.
The sample is too short. As we all know, losing systems can manage to provide positive graphs for over 10k spins and more.
Try to run several 10k samples and compare.

Main Roulette Board / Re: What´s the optimal number of spins for testing?
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on Oct 12, 01:31 PM 2017 by denzie
sorry, bit off topic:

To Kingmaq:

if I provide you a few files both RNG and LIVE wheel sessions eurowheel:
Would you be able to differentiate them?
It would be interesting to know what you call "rigged" and "live"
There is no need to crack the one or the other...
I see you get upset about RNG (for it being rigged and made for losers), so I am sure you find it important to see the difference between both rng and live.
Now can you?
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