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Bet selection / Re: Use Chess strategies to find the Holy Grail
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on Feb 26, 10:07 AM 2019 by Bigbroben
Another way to look at table layout or wheel betting is the territorial strategy where multiple 'traps' are set up to capture the opponents material, similar to the game of go. Here management of resources, ie. bankroll is key to always try maintain balance of survival until the 'traps' are sprung.
General Discussion / Re: Casino detection
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on Dec 10, 10:34 PM 2018 by jono1167
Anyone that thinks that they can win consistently in online casinos is delusional.

The online casino software will pluck you out, ban you, and even attempt to keep your front money in many cases.

A word of advice, don't play online.  The online casinos are reserved for the gambling addicts. ( The exception is of course poker.)
I am interested about online casinos.

I have no doubt that these casinos can easily detect consistent winners.

Is it true that online casinos won't pay up ? They ban consistent winners ?

I am talking in the $10k-$100++k a month range ?

Anyone has real experience ?
Main Roulette Board / Re: visual ballistics
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on Dec 02, 03:58 AM 2018 by nottophammer
I made this recent series of posts to educate the members/readers of the FACTS of this game of roulette.

Make sure YOU, the reader, differentiate between

The FACTs, and

The CLAIMS, and


of what is written by the poster.

Identify anyone, including the owner of this forum, those posters who habitually insert UNSUBSTANTIATED CLAIMS and OPINIONS in their posts.

Discard ALL their posts for lack of credibility.
Main Roulette Board / Re: visual ballistics
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on Dec 01, 01:18 PM 2018 by Mako
I make here a controversial post that may ruffle feathers.

If you play roulette, be it systems betting or advantage play, where your aim is to increase the accuracy of your bets based on your research study of historical data of the wheel, and/or ball and/or dealer,
Or any usage of some form of historical data.......

We know about the independence of spins.
We know about gamblers fallacy.

Do you see the contradiction ?

I have given you the requirements of a bet with a positive edge. Don't add or remove parts of what I wrote.

Do casinos who offer this roulette game with the advantage of the house edge study the historical data of their wheel, and/or ball and/or dealer to increase the accuracy of their prediction ?
Main Roulette Board / Re: 37 back to basics
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on Nov 29, 01:29 PM 2018 by Blueprint
It's glaring mistakes like this one(not the first time) that tells that Caleb does not understand math as he tries to make us believe. He's a fake.
Bet selection / Re: Gzgzbee
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on Nov 28, 10:39 PM 2018 by Mako

I posted this on the other thread.

I give you guys an important pointer.

You may bag easy wins betting from spin1.
At the same time your bets will be fully exposed to potential sleepers that can damage your br.
Your graph shows that clearly.

Don't start betting too early.

If you read the relevant thread that discussed this topic in detail you will find part of the solution has already been found by the earlier group of members a few years ago.
The purpose of the OP of that thread is to point members to the easy part of the solution.

The key part of the solution about how not to bet too early is a stumbling block to them. And still is today.

Solve that and you get the complete solution.

Note - I did not post the link to the thread. If I did some members will be angry with me I want no part of that.
Just be resourceful to search this forum for this popular thread - not difficult to find it.
Main Roulette Board / Re: Simple System, Low bankroll, One bet selection.
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on Nov 25, 10:18 AM 2018 by Nimo
It does not matter what the self proclaimed roulette experts say.

Systems players should NEVER ignore the math of roulette - 37pockets with unfair payout of 35 for European wheel.

The ONLY way for systems play to get around this unfair payout is this statement below.

Turbo made this claim -

Proof it with empirical evidence.
Is this claim true ?

That is your ONLY aim.
If you can get hold of this empirical proof you have found the way to win this roulette game.

If you have not found the empirical proof it does not mean TG's claim is not true.
It merely means the proof you seek is beyond you.

If you found this empirical proof and still don't know how to win, it clearly means you don't understand the math behind the 2links I posted.

The best and clear help I have given on forums.
Systems, Products & Services For Sale / Re: My Holy Grail For Sale.
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on Oct 26, 11:39 PM 2018 by Blue_Angel
Luckyfella is just trolling. Trolls dont care for logic.
Yea that's your way to get me banned or moderated  :thumbsup:

Most important for you is your rc sales

I understand :thumbsup:
Systems, Products & Services For Sale / Re: Beware of junscissorhands.
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on Oct 26, 11:37 PM 2018 by Blue_Angel
True they may never sell it... unless they have something even better. Then to maximize their revenue from their best method, they're best to both use it themselves and license it... just like I do  :thumbsup:

Interested players can see all the proof they want including on any wheel. They can even test themselves free, so theres no need to rely on trust.

Keep trying luckyfella.
You are butthurt so it must be working

Oh yes, Steve is another seller

$80k for a money making roulette computer, your dream atm machine  :thumbsup:

Hurry while stock last !
Outside The Box / Re: progression with AP (precognition / remote viewing / clairvoyance)? need help
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on Oct 12, 04:42 AM 2018 by -Katalyst-
Who on earth are you to demand I conduct a million trails?
Just so that you can accept the reality that precognition is real?

Again let me get this right....
You want me to spend my time and energy doing a million trails so that you can benefit of the knowledge that precognition works and it is a viable way to win?

That is pure arrogance.

I have a method and I know precognition is real. All I can do is point the way. Either you accept the reality precognition is true or live in denial.

It is your choice.
How I(one insignificant person) view precognition is definitely irrelevant

The readers properly understand how you conduct your test is important

The readers properly understand your claims is important

That bolded part is good

Just a word of advice

Don't get upset when faceless strangers on the net don't believe you
Don't go on threads try defend your claims
Don't try change the world
You can't, especially in the manner that you have done
Wall of text will never do it

Who knows, someday you may be officially accredited for your work as pioneer in the application of precognition in gambling games
The very best success to you
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