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Main Roulette Board / Re: Repeaters roulette systems
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on Oct 29, 10:26 PM 2019 by Tesla369
We are waiting all of you..

Tesla369 is a unique way to regroup numbers. Compare this tesla369 groups to the regular carpet dozen to see the difference. Math based repeaters systems bet can be played with tesla369 groups to yield similar results.

Personally, I recommend to try out tesla369 groups for starters, understand the underlying math then you can expand to all other permutations.
Main Roulette Board / Re: Repeaters roulette systems
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on Oct 29, 10:24 PM 2019 by Tesla369
You are talking such low volume its not worth anyone's time. Just go make money. Make a fool of every professional in this industry.
So, when posed a real challenge to provide proof, you simply run away.

Now, fark off. Don't waste everybodys time.

Anyone else have anything to say, provide proof of my challenge to back up your post.



Main Roulette Board / Re: The Secret of Tesla's 3 6 9
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on Oct 17, 07:31 PM 2019 by Tesla369
I have a suggestion for excel coders, translate the spins into tesla 369 with colour codes. The visual will help you guys look for cycle patterns in it.

It only takes a few minutes. I'll check it out if this new tesla 369 regrouping offers any predictive benefit.
Main Roulette Board / Re: The Repeat "where it happens and how it happens - there is so much undiscovered"
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on Oct 16, 07:58 AM 2019 by falkor2k15
This one loses BIG TIME! Pfff!!  >:(

I give up with the repeat...

...has anyone got any other ideas? Also, would anyone be willing to lend me $500 please? I'll pay it back... promise...

In fact, this could be the most extraordinary find in my 5 years of studying Roulette!  :o
You are living proof that finding this math based systems bet that gives dependent outcome that's supposedly hidden in roulette spins is beyond most people,


it simply doesn't exist.

It's much easier and logical to accept that there is no such thing as dependent outcomes in roulette.

Roulette spins are random, meaning they are independent and unbiased.

Your work has confirmed this. :thumbsup:
The Notepad / Re: Theories, Myths, Facts And Ideas
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on Oct 12, 01:02 AM 2019 by falkor2k15
EVERYONE believe that random is completely unpredictable. Wizardofodds is the bible, 1000000% sure. Suggesting otherwise is outright bullshit from a scammer wannabe or some personality issues.

Really ?

Read this and similar related articles.
Educate yourself pls.
Bet selection / Re: Use Chess strategies to find the Holy Grail
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on Feb 26, 10:07 AM 2019 by Bigbroben
Another way to look at table layout or wheel betting is the territorial strategy where multiple 'traps' are set up to capture the opponents material, similar to the game of go. Here management of resources, ie. bankroll is key to always try maintain balance of survival until the 'traps' are sprung.
General Discussion / Re: Casino detection
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on Dec 10, 10:34 PM 2018 by jono1167
Anyone that thinks that they can win consistently in online casinos is delusional.

The online casino software will pluck you out, ban you, and even attempt to keep your front money in many cases.

A word of advice, don't play online.  The online casinos are reserved for the gambling addicts. ( The exception is of course poker.)
I am interested about online casinos.

I have no doubt that these casinos can easily detect consistent winners.

Is it true that online casinos won't pay up ? They ban consistent winners ?

I am talking in the $10k-$100++k a month range ?

Anyone has real experience ?
Main Roulette Board / Re: visual ballistics
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on Dec 02, 03:58 AM 2018 by nottophammer
I made this recent series of posts to educate the members/readers of the FACTS of this game of roulette.

Make sure YOU, the reader, differentiate between

The FACTs, and

The CLAIMS, and


of what is written by the poster.

Identify anyone, including the owner of this forum, those posters who habitually insert UNSUBSTANTIATED CLAIMS and OPINIONS in their posts.

Discard ALL their posts for lack of credibility.
Main Roulette Board / Re: visual ballistics
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on Dec 01, 01:18 PM 2018 by Mako
I make here a controversial post that may ruffle feathers.

If you play roulette, be it systems betting or advantage play, where your aim is to increase the accuracy of your bets based on your research study of historical data of the wheel, and/or ball and/or dealer,
Or any usage of some form of historical data.......

We know about the independence of spins.
We know about gamblers fallacy.

Do you see the contradiction ?

I have given you the requirements of a bet with a positive edge. Don't add or remove parts of what I wrote.

Do casinos who offer this roulette game with the advantage of the house edge study the historical data of their wheel, and/or ball and/or dealer to increase the accuracy of their prediction ?
Main Roulette Board / Re: 37 back to basics
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on Nov 29, 01:29 PM 2018 by Blueprint
It's glaring mistakes like this one(not the first time) that tells that Caleb does not understand math as he tries to make us believe. He's a fake.
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