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Online gaming / Re: online casino with "the golden zero rule"
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on Dec 13, 12:50 PM 2018 by Maui13
Aaahh ! Let me be a loser returns to the fray.

Three minimalistic replies in 7 minutes. Demonstrates to me your devoid of celebral capabilities. Exasperated ?

By the way it's British not " English " , again you confirm the above sentence.

I entered United Kingdom not United States. It's not a difficult task for some, it seems you have made that type of error before. Don't drag me down to your level.

Your scurrying attempts at a retreat are to be commended, in fact I will agree with you , it most probably does state what you have posted ( without checking as I just can't be arsed with these things ) I have much better things to do with my time.

My initial post and screen shot were posted with honesty and integrity in an attempt to help other U.K. members and all I got was an attack by a moron. I tell you what , why don't you investigate further and post the helpful results for all other U.K. members and then you can change your name to " I am not a loser " with pride.

You can have the last word if you want. I don't deal with moron's usually or posters who fire pathetic parting shots while walking backwards.
Main Roulette Board / Re: Pattern Breaker Reloaded-Daily updates
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on Oct 16, 08:23 AM 2018 by thocxo2207
Guys there are a few ways to improve your results at PB , here are my thoughts.

Don't bet any trigger after 27 spins, how do you achieve this ?
Monitor as many even chance combinations as you can. You have the 3 traditional combinations PLUS you can use lines , streets , splits or whatever combinations you want, the more the merrier until you get a regular trigger below 30 spins. If anyone comes up with a tracker for this I would love to have a copy please. Results are better from triggers 21,24 and 27.

Don't ignore zero, results are better when no zero is tracked in the build up to a trigger. If you get a zero don't play a trigger whatever spin it comes. To get round this I play zero as a stand alone game. It's easy to progress slowly 1 number to the next game if it appears. So either way I get action.

When you get a trigger you don't necessarily need to bet against the last pattern formed ( no.7 ). Keep a record of which pattern ( 1-7 ) has gone the longest without being the winning pattern and bet against that.

This should improve results. Keep me updated as to how you guys get on.


Outside The Box / Re: Remote Viewing Roulette Numbers
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on Oct 25, 08:17 PM 2016 by 3Nine
I have really enjoyed this thread. Thank you.
Outside The Box / Re: Remote Viewing Roulette Numbers
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on Oct 25, 07:57 PM 2016 by Alekos
I have really enjoyed this thread. Thank you.
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