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Main Roulette Board / Re: Step In To My Game
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on Sep 28, 06:31 PM 2019 by Kav
It doesnt matter who’s thread is it. A reasonable response is always accepted and encouraged. A hint game must be underlined by red mark.
Main Roulette Board / Re: A new possible HG
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on Mar 18, 05:37 PM 2019 by Firefox
You are another one of those who has a grail or are you like a batter roulette? :lol: :lol:

What i got it doesnt really matter. Neither i am interested to exchage nor beg to people to contact me on skype. Asking money for any info is shit. I can spot junk like u pretty quickly.
Main Roulette Board / Re: 37 back to basics
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on Feb 18, 02:53 PM 2019 by Mako
100 unit down. Stoploss
For any straight number system
1win Vs 2loss is the best. Hard

1win Vs 1 loss achievable
 2 win VS 1 loss some people like

3 win Vs 1 loss  some prefer

Its doesnt matter if you stop on +1 or +100. Your system needs to overtake your BR frequent enough to be in profit
The Notepad / Re: DO YOU HAVE A SAY
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on Nov 23, 12:31 AM 2018 by The General

Dont forget to get a nappy before you log in.
Main Roulette Board / Re: 37 back to basics
Excellent contribution Excellent contribution
on Sep 30, 11:29 PM 2018 by DoctorSudoku
Wheel master is a master of psychological manipulation. He is one step ahead of the back dated forum rules. He is doing it for years. Turbo has done some good stuff , helped people but not clever enough to avoid his trap , at the end of the day he steped in wheel masters trap. Sad
Main Roulette Board / Re: Posible Holy Grial Passion Ruleta
WTF? (doesn't make sense) WTF? (doesn't make sense)
on Sep 23, 03:42 AM 2018 by malifeki
I dont properly understand bcz of translation. One of my graph u can get in this thread. Yes i can survive if i get only 3s in 74 spin. 5s in 111 , 6s in 144. And yes i havent seen anything countable in ur graph that i can say that u know what turbo does rather that bla bla nuclear physics.
General Discussion / Re: What is a "trot"?
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on Sep 09, 04:59 PM 2018 by Nimo

I would like you to answer a question RG has asked you many times without reply.

Why do you care so much?
You have your words about Biased wheel fluff which is totally unproven. Just words

Why arnt you out there winning?
why sit in forums berating everything everyone posts. Why do you give a shit?. Arnt you busy collecting spins from wobbly mythical wheels?

He will most likely avoid these question and hiding in hole.

I would like to ask steve and mod to ban his gif posting (or delete).These r the way to cleverly insult people. There is no need of gif in constructive criticism
Systems, Products & Services For Sale / Re: My last spot in the new school:
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on Aug 25, 06:11 PM 2018 by denzie
Passion , what happen? Vaddi not making money anymore?

Or u wanna say whats  wrong to test with new concept?

Dysexlic ? Man u stolen the concept from sixth sense. Just hang ur head down in shame.

Ye people publish their concept and u pick it up make pdf then come back to sell it here. Funny
Main Roulette Board / Re: Couples passion roulette
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on Jul 19, 06:34 PM 2018 by junscissorhands
I showed real gains and real game graphics, what should I show more? That is more than enough ... Who does not care for him to go by his side, but because everyone is always attacking?

We just dont want u to show us anything. The simple thing u dont get. Just earn as much as u want nd keep it private
General Discussion / Re: Challenge to AP Players
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on Jul 01, 10:01 PM 2018 by TurboGenius
Come on general ur wish become fulfilled today. A turbo follow is challanging.

Where to come? AC , PC , CA or AU or in steves kitchen
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