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Dear all,

Do You Know About Online Casino Business setup Fees Only 3800$?

I'n still learning but I hope one day I will write my own story

Money management / Re: Yes or No or Maybe?
« on: Sep 21, 07:41 AM 2018 »
i will just try my luck take $100

Money management / Re: Negative vs Positive Progressions
« on: Sep 21, 07:39 AM 2018 »
i will follow your advice...

if take free bonus will need to be minimum rolling times that how much you deposit...

General Discussion / Re: How to conquer roulette
« on: Sep 20, 07:48 AM 2018 »
i will try next visit to casino

General Discussion / Re: AI & Machine Learning
« on: Sep 15, 05:01 AM 2018 »
Roulette better than slot machine

General Discussion / Re: wheel of fortune...
« on: Sep 15, 05:00 AM 2018 »
i like winning money with the good mathematics method

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