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That's very bold of you, you know who i am Manevra, and also Crystal knows you and you scammed us. Why do you keep on pulling this shit?

he has a lot of courage, do you know how happy his mother Eleonora will be when she sees her son taken away by the police...
maybe he thinks only he is intelligent?

don't send your money
you'll never see it again!

he's a great scammer

General Discussion / Re: Anyone wants to earn money with me ?
« on: Feb 11, 07:27 AM 2020 »
I didnt receive any pms from rulaman
Let him get in contact with me

if you are always interested I have already sent you another MP

General Discussion / Re: Anyone wants to earn money with me ?
« on: Feb 06, 11:51 AM 2020 »
These are some statistics - as you can see the max number of Loses was 18
in other words, this system (13 numbers) never went beyond 18 misses in a row, my intention is to wait for 10 misses in a rows then start betting.

Code: [Select]
0	2630
1 1675
2 1119
3 703
4 474
5 295
6 177
7 140
8 84
9 62
10 26
11 22
12 20
13 9
15 7
16 3
14 3
18 3
17 2

but first you should know which numbers to use :)

General Discussion / Re: Anyone wants to earn money with me ?
« on: Feb 06, 10:34 AM 2020 »
ok, but if you have to make a bot there are 2 solutions
or have it done to someone who has already done the program for you
or you have to do it again and eventually integrate the bot
if you have an excel sheet can be hooked to a program -  bot

General Discussion / Re: Anyone wants to earn money with me ?
« on: Feb 06, 05:50 AM 2020 »
Hey guys

I need someone who can work with me to produce a BOt that can :

1- read spins from one online wheel
2- place automated bets accordingly, the logic is developed by me and is actually implemented in a software

So the bot must read spins continuously and save them for processing by an external software (already implemented) and successively place bets accordingly

Anyone can make that, I will share with him the whole development and he will be also making money like I do

Hi, before making a real bot, you have to do the program to check the operation

if everything works properly you can proceed to create a bot

Bet selection / Re: X6 Sector CycleBet 2
« on: Jan 11, 11:41 AM 2020 »
I would recommend lowering or making the progression slightly less aggressive
it is not said that you must always and immediately be in active to win

an example would be this

Bet selection / Re: X6 Sector CycleBet 2
« on: Jan 11, 11:36 AM 2020 »

to Bet X6 System is not difficult

just Bet the central number with 3 neighbors and remove the central one, watch this video

Hi, I am able to create programs or bots
if you explain something I can tell you if it is something that can be done or not

these are some of my works

Programs with clicker pointer

BOT for LIVE tables

BOT for RNG tables

Outside The Box / Re: Convergence theory
« on: Dec 07, 03:28 AM 2019 »
The strategy and the software are ready now.

Check your inbox for more details.

Note: only selected individuals were contacted.

Next week a new group will be selected.

The group will get funding to play the strategy and will get 40% on their earnings no strings attached.


Windows thanks  :thumbsup:

Another Session with JavaScript bot

Great job, congratulations!  Would it be possible to learn something?

General Discussion / Re: thermometer en zip
« on: Apr 05, 07:08 PM 2019 »
Hi maybe you are looking for my old program?

I attach it here   :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Main Roulette Board / Re: Amazing EC predictions
« on: Feb 16, 04:36 AM 2019 »
thank you !  :thumbsup:

however if you enter the number with the keys on the table, and a chance is selected for the game, do not calculate the box with the progression
while with the GEN1 yes

General Discussion / Re: Switcharoo
« on: Feb 15, 01:21 PM 2019 »
Hi, I'm not sure (I'm out for work)

maybe with the program posted in this discussion you can do tests for this

Just enter in frequency: 0
In the cycle: 12


My greetings, by first sight it looks like if you created amazing software working really well!
And also agree with all of your "careful" precautions in how don't let system disconnect when live play
I will go throught an accurate study of your videos to  fully understand in details and eventually, if you like, start an in-depth discussion about possible interactions between our "creations" ;)

Cheers and "bravo" again!


Ottimo Francesco
Anche io sono italiano  :xd:

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