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hi 6th, yes, unfortunately that does not help, spacebar adds another chip

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if someone knows a good live dealer table where we can remove a placed bet by simply right clicking on it.
Many tables don't have this function; its either removing the entire table bet or dragging the bet you want to remove away from the table. The latter is what Im doing on the Unibet tables. Sometimes there is a little delay and its frustrating.
Any ideas?
Thanks a lot

Hi BB,

Very kind of you for sharing. However im not able to get any results in the orange cell in the first sheet, it stays on "0"
What do we need to input in both blue cells?

Have a nice weekend!

hi ozon, thanks but im not looking for strategies in this matter....
You mentioned 24 spins:)
Now if a first repeat would come at the 24th spin, we are talking business: its what i would consider a cycle with few repeaters....well for the first 24 spins that is  :yawn:
Anyways, Im just trying to compile some realistic sessions that have very few repeats in it.
A work in progress, thanks again!

Lots of people here work with repeater strategies and I am looking for some roulette outcomes that have few repeaters, the fewer the better. Or reps that come extremely late in a cycle. Whatever that lacks lots of reps!
If you have such files, please let me know. I am into acid testing and want to find out a workaround for these extremer situations.
Many thanks!


Coding for Roulette / Re: HammerDown - For Now
« on: Mar 29, 06:18 PM 2019 »
Too huge of a drawdown, auch!!

Main Roulette Board / Re: A new possible HG
« on: Mar 28, 11:00 AM 2019 »
No way his is flat bet.When line goes down and shoots strait up higher then previous high it indicates that there must be some progression involved.

Not true.
Depends on the amount of numbers you bet.

Main Roulette Board / Re: Am I wrong?
« on: Mar 22, 06:28 PM 2019 »
This was great!
NEXT please

Main Roulette Board / Re: If I give a system with
« on: Jan 26, 05:57 AM 2019 »
Consecutive max losses in a row is not a very helpful indicator.
Knowing the average loss / win ratio would be a better choice to verify the effectiveness of a system.
You can calculate this easily.

The Notepad / Re: Vaddis Holy Grail
« on: Jan 05, 08:56 AM 2019 »
Correction winner: in a 37 cycle one dozen will have at least 2 repeats, not 4

Can be coded easily. I can do it in excel tomorrow. Pm me your emailaddress, there is no need to pay for this.

Could be drug money too or even cash after a week close of a store. ...could be anything.  Girls like to show of with their bodies, guys do it with cars and money. Dont get fooled.

Take care

Using skips like last or second last, third last will not change the results.
You will see trends (streaks, chops, twins,..) after they happen.
Non of those selections is superior to the other.
Try to run some tests with each of those separately, results will be the same

You can not win each cycle, but if you can win most, the cyclic progression will help

Use a cyclic 5 step progression

After a first cycle loses +1 on basebet

After 2 consecutive lost cycles -1
After a win after a lost cycle +1
After a WW after a lost cycle + 1
After a WWW after a lost cycle -1
Each double consecutive win thereafter -1 and each single win repeat previous bet

Reset at breakeven or profit.
(A win here is a win within the 5 steps)

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