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Thanks Proofreaders. I had to dig a little to find the live tables, but I found it....and I smashed it with my numbers.  :D

Vegas2Web is only RNG though correct? I didnt see a live wheel on there.

I will check out the other suggestions today as well.

General Discussion / Re: Guys, please chip in, double dozens.
« on: Dec 04, 01:25 AM 2019 »
What is the pinwheel method?

I am curious if any players here can tell me of any legit casino sites that people in the USA can bet on. I am not in New Jersey or one of the other states that allows this so I am looking for other sites in the US or in other countries that take players from the USA.

I currently only have and I think they are the worst online casino out there in my opinion. The way the ball bounces on their wheel looks like it defies the law of physics. I know there are other sites out there that use the exact same location that bovada uses because I have had them both up on my computer at the same time and it was the exact same session. So I am trying to find one that is more reasonable and accepts USA players. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.

I am confused about what your betting system actually is. Are you betting the last 13 numbers that have spun will return again very soon?

If that is the case I have seen someone else who did something similar. If not then I am completely lost.

The other system I am thinking of you watch the last 6 numbers that have come up. If they have not repeated then you start betting those last 6 numbers as coming up again. If that doesn't hit on that spin then you bet the last 6 plus the most recent spin. It doesn't show up on the 7th spin you go up to the 8th and 9th spin. The progression ended at 9, but I am sure you can do whatever you would like to try.

Example: Last 6 numbers 15, 27, 12, 9, 1, 18
                 Your bet: 15, 27, 12, 9, 1, 18
                 Number spun: 7
                 Next bet: 15, 27, 12, 9, 1, 18, 7
                 Number spun: 23
                 Next bet: 15, 27, 12, 9, 1, 18, 7, 23
                 Number spun: 27 - Winner

Start over and look for the next 6 unique numbers in a row that do not duplicate. I have tried this at land based casinos and it does work, but you have to be looking to see when it is working. One online casino I have seen where it works fairly consistently is

I cannot stand that website because they have the MOST chaotic ball bounces that makes it seem verrry rigged. The one downside to them is that they seem to have a lot of repeating numbers and I have been on their website for months now.

Good luck.

General Discussion / Re: Who's really WINNING???
« on: Nov 30, 02:53 AM 2019 »
I watched a video on the Mongoose. If you watch the video closely it shows that he lost $500 to $700. It does not seem like a super exciting method. I would be curious about your honey badger method to see what improvements you have on the other system. Thanks.

Roulette Software / Re: Roulette Tracker RC - XLS
« on: Nov 30, 02:01 AM 2019 »
Excellent work!

Thanks Still.

Is there a link for the MPR on here? I would like to try it out. Maybe even give precog a run for his "money:.  :D

I hate to sound stupid but I am fairly new to roulette... but what is MPR? Does this forum have a dictionary of terms somewhere? Thanks.

Main Roulette Board / Re: The Secret of Tesla's 3 6 9
« on: Oct 21, 10:47 AM 2019 »
Tesla so you are saying that you did a one million spin RNG. Then you used vortex math to break down the numbers into single digit numbers 1 - 9.

You took the current live spins and searched them against your RNG database. When you found a match you bet the next number in the sequence?

I agree with Turkish and i like your idea. I dont see how that works in a B&M though. I also dont see how it works when codex says its not based on previous numbers.

It's my belief, and i could be wrong, but his theory looks forward to numbers and not backwards to past history. Just spit balling and thinking out loud here trying to brainstorm is all. Thanks.

Main Roulette Board / Re: The Secret of Tesla's 3 6 9
« on: Oct 21, 10:40 AM 2019 »
Im curious if Tesla369 is actually CODEX369.  :)

Tesla said that the screenshot is his. His notepad is definitely not in English. Turkish perhaps?

Then i look at the clue that was given earlier from Tesla. It was a screenshot from YouTube. At the end of the comment from CODEX he says.... devamini oku... which i believe is definitely Turkish.

Soooo....? Just a theory fellas.  :)

I DO really appreciate your insight Tesla. It is very thought provoking, which interests me.

Now i haven't spent much time looking at your random number generator test yet. I do think its a clever study tool and perhaps one that is useful too maybe. I would like to hear more on your theory with the RNG. Thanks Tesla.

Main Roulette Board / Re: The Secret of Tesla's 3 6 9
« on: Oct 21, 08:58 AM 2019 »
I have also agreed that it is time based. I do not believe his timer has anything to do with his strategy.

He has at least one video where he says that the timer is there so you can see that he speeds up the time, but does not edit his videos. Its a time lapse so he can speed uo his videos and not lose your attention.

Having said that i dont think i ever believed this was about the last spin. I have looked into Tesla and Marko Rodin enough to know that this is much more complex so time has to be a factor.

We also see things in a linear movement, which time also is linear, however, all of these reactions take place in the third and fourth dimension.

So it's my theory that movement is not linear, but circular. If you look at any videos of Tesla and 369 you see the movement in the infinity pattern. It does not move in a straight line so i never thought that the selections could be made that way.

If you have looked at Marko Rodin's motor you see that it moves in a circular motion.

Now i said that we see time as linear like a timeline. At point A the world started. We go from kings and queens to discovering new countries. George Washington was the first president. Donald Trump is the 45th. These can all be established on a linear timeline.

369 however are outside the boundaries of time. They are often called the Trinity.

For Christians they have a Trinity also God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

All three of these are outside the boundaries of time as well. We see them as the beginning and the end. The Alpha and the Omega.

We try to see God on a linear timeline, but He created time so he is outside of that boundary just like the 369.

God is 9 and oversees 3 and 6. He sees the beginning from the end.

My explanation there is not about faith or religion, but it is about the corollary principles of both ideas.

It also gives it scale as to how powerful both are and can be. So when there are theories floated around that time travel is possible because of 369 it takes us outside the boundaries of time into another.... dimension.

So does someone know how to look at these roulette numbers in at least the third dimension instead of the first dimension as we see them now?

Let us all know if you know how. :-)

Off-Topic / Re: Anyone want to team up?
« on: Oct 21, 08:36 AM 2019 »
If he had ANYTHING going he definitely would NOT need backers. He would be able to take his small BR and turn it into a larger BR.

Why would you give money to someone? There is NO guarantee first of all that he is even legit.

Second, if he did have something you know he would pay you?

Third, how do you know he would be honest and not just cook books if he was legit in the first place.

No sorry my "grail" has been letting me down this week. We are getting so close though.... send more money and we will get it this week.

I call BS. This guy is a flake and quite possibly a cheat. Proceed at your own risk.  :ooh: :question:

As curious as I am I must agree that im not going to pay for something. I thought this was a place where people could share ideas.
Just because someone says they have a winner and posts a chart doesnt mean im going to believe them.

Oh by the way i just came up with my own system. You win 100% of the time, but im stil testing it right now.  :xd:

General Discussion / Counting Dozens
« on: Oct 12, 04:15 PM 2019 »
Hello all,

I need to see if someone has an Excel formula that will allow me to count 24 numbers at a time. I want to be able to tell when a group of 12 numbers has not shown up.

I am just saying dozens to keep it easy, but I am not going to track the traditional 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36. For simplicity I will use those as the reference though.

So if the first dozen hasn't shown up for 4 spins I want something like 1D to be displayed in the spreadsheet. It shoudl be a really simple spreadsheet with the spin numbers in column A. Then it is blank in column B until the dozen that hasn't shown up in the last 4 spins shows up like... 1D.

Thanks all.

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