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General Discussion / Re: Safe system
« on: Dec 10, 11:48 AM 2019 »
You won't find a complete system, but you can use these to make your own.The forum and a lot of learning make it better.

General Discussion / Re: Safe system
« on: Dec 10, 11:41 AM 2019 »
Hi Mate.The Massaniello also exists Two Dozens.Flatino(Iboba) He also wrote better systems.Study Glc's systems.For example Penthouse.A parachute version Hector Grail.Good Luck

Doozy Dozen.there are more options.

General Discussion / Re: Smart Progression
« on: Nov 19, 05:54 AM 2019 »
Hi Guys.I'm curious Glc's opinion of dr Talos  progression?I'm glad you're here.

Main Roulette Board / Re: Kitchen Martingale
« on: Nov 06, 07:02 AM 2019 »
I really have been with you for a long time many years .Unfortunately I do not speak has become so clear over the years that a system must consist of two parts.a defense and an attack.I think it's worth going back to old systems and trying to improve it.I'm working on Mr. opps" doozy dozen" system.I developed it a bit.I need the first hit to attack.I've tried many things, but I haven't managed to solve it yet.maybe a lanky divider will help.I would like to thank both forums.I learned a lot.Dr Talos gave me the strength to continue my journey.GLC, Flatnio(RIP),.Bayes,Reyth,Jerome,Bluangel,Third,and the others.great comments.thank you very much.I never give up.

Main Roulette Board / Re: Kitchen Martingale
« on: Nov 02, 04:45 AM 2019 »
Hi guys. Nice stuff from GLC.Possibly such a video Lanky 6 point divisor?With a software which works.Thanks

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