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Testing zone / Re: test...
« on: Apr 07, 05:01 PM 2019 »
Step1wait 37 spins
Then bet every number that's hit once for next 37 spins as well as any 1 hit new qualifyers

then next 37.all 2 hits and any new qulifyer...if they hit then remove

this should always hit the numbers that perform correctly to their averages. Post results

I Posted this last August, it works quite well.

Bet selection / Re: GUT
« on: Feb 20, 07:16 AM 2019 »
If you look at my unholy drinking vessel system, it takes on the whole gambit from first hit until 37th, using KTF unhit for first 18 hits then repeats GUT for last 19.  Its a lot of numbers, its a lot of tracking, uses progression but also profits which I'd say is the bottom line for all of us.

Main Roulette Board / Re: Is 100000 spins enough?
« on: Feb 09, 12:12 PM 2019 »
As you can see the chart goes down as well.  I have it set to win $100000.  If bankroll loses $10000 it stops.  This simulation went down to -$77000 at spin 112008.  For some reason when I copy it to clip board it doesn't show the bottom.  It still wins over  $20000 profit in the time frame but it also proves my point.  If I set the simulation to win $1000 per session.  I would have won over $70000 in profit in the same time frame as my losses would have been limited too.

Main Roulette Board / Is 100000 spins enough?
« on: Feb 09, 12:05 PM 2019 »
On RNG the average amount of spins per hour is 300.  On a live wheel it's 60.   Figuring an 40 hour work week, 8 hours per day, 5 days per week.  Should be 2400 spins on a live wheel and 12000 spins on RNG.  I don't know anyone that spends that kind of time playing.  Even if you win millions, that kind of time spent, you become a slave to it. 

Here is a simulation (thanks to Shogun for coding it) On RNG that's roughly 9 weeks of play and roughly 46 weeks of play on a live wheel.  112000 spins. 

Set a win goal, set a time limit goal and enjoy your life

Main Roulette Board / Re: Repeaters A LA Nimo REVEALED
« on: Jan 30, 01:19 PM 2019 »
Still works, hired a programmer to code a bot. Runs on one of my casinos on autopilot using 5 step progression.

Just because a poster doesn't keep posting about a system, doesn't mean the system failed.  Most of the stuff I do now, I share privately.  And some of us don't have as much time to post in forums as we do have a life outside in the real world.

No the problem is that most blissfully ignore the real math that says that their systems will lose in the long run.  Any math that says otherwise is make believe.  It's very simple to build a roulette system that will win 99% of the time.  Unfortunately that one percent of the time when it doesn't win destroys the other 99%, and that's the math that REALLY MATTERS!  ::)

If you have a system that wins 99% of the time and can't make money that is big problem.  You are not thinking in terms of business, you are thinking like a gambler.  You have to understand your system, know it's limitations, calculate projected profits, expect losses as expenses you need to conduct business.   

People don't go into business and expect to make all their profit overnight, yet all so called professionals gamblers expect a continuous million spin profit.  Even the most successful businesses ever have off days, weeks even months and years.  They analyse, they make a plan then they make it work. Think like a business man, accountant, analyst.  Not like a gambler. 

If you can't make money with a system that wins 99% of the time General, I really pity you.  Maybe take some business courses, it may help you.

The problem is that most people don't understand math! In this regard, erroneous ideas are considered endlessly. Published ideas that can not explain the authors themselves. It is similar to the Kama Sutra (64 sexual positions) in which instead of the woman use the brain and brains of people around!
  I propose to order a mathematical work from real mathematicians-professionals!In this work, all information about random sequences and methods of working with them will be disclosed. Our questions will also be answered.
  It's going to cost money. In my country(Russian Federation) this work will cost 500$-1000$. For a group of people the cost of this work will cost$10 -50$!The work will take one to two months.
  For those who are interested in this тема

The actual problem is that everyone is not looking for the proper math, the money, the accounts.  Several systems posted on here win over 75% of the time consistently.  With that kind of win rate, even with the unfair payout, money is made.  That's the math that should be looked

Main Roulette Board / Re: @ turbo
« on: Dec 21, 01:49 PM 2018 »
I have to admit that the general putting his most famous gif as his avatar made me chuckle...

Trolling set to maximum.  :xd:

The General, passive aggressive??? Say it isn't so!

I will send you my progression worksheet, you can adjust it as numbers go, no need to send me the grail.  PM your email

Its already been posted

Main Roulette Board / Re: Conclusion
« on: Dec 07, 07:54 AM 2018 »
Really ?
Come on mate, what you doing is hit and run, wait trigger then hit !

This approach is bad and you can use with whatever bets possible in roulette, you can for example bet last colour, or last dozen, stop for a while and play again  ...

In short, what you call process can be summarized in one sentence:

Hit and run, and be patient !

This is not how the process works.  I'm showing you what happens.  Its not what I do .  its a good basis to learn of what needs to be done. 

Main Roulette Board / Re: Conclusion
« on: Dec 07, 07:22 AM 2018 »

Maybe you and mister graph (passionruletta) have higher IQ than us.

What if do us a favor and explain what’s the hell are you talking about when you say the process that matters and not hitrate?

This logic is fuc**d up because it’s like you say, exam’s score doesn’t matter but the time of the exam !!

If you just play each number that hits flat bet, and stop each time you are in profit, you will actually make a tiny profit over a few hundred spins, before you get to a run where the repeaters aren't enough to cover the house edge any longer.  Usually around 50-100 units per 700-1000 spins.  Not really worth the time and effort.  However if you follow a process of how the numbers and repeats come up, you will get graphs with upward trends consistently.

There are more than one processes,  Passion is using Dyslexics, I'm using a different parameter, but results are the same. 

Main Roulette Board / Re: Conclusion
« on: Dec 07, 06:53 AM 2018 »
"unbeatable" ? We will see, i'm working on it but Rx fail to follow me...  :twisted: :twisted:
Almost half million spins done!

Looks similar to the 0.20 per spin win rate of my Dozens post.  Thanks for the code by the way.   :)

Main Roulette Board / Re: Conclusion
« on: Dec 07, 06:49 AM 2018 »
i saved over than 3 millions real spins in one container and i ran complex analytics on repeaters.

Result: hit rate obtained was exactly equivalent to the hit rate of non repeaters.

Conclusion> repeaters lose over the long run

It's not the hit rate, its how they are played that matters.  Passion is correct it's a process.

General Discussion / Re: Time to Leave
« on: Dec 05, 06:04 AM 2018 »
Good luck Turner, you were/are well respected. 

Over the years what I have noticed is that when "employees" leave the establishment, there is something wrong with the management.  Its one of the reasons I don't post much anymore.

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