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Main Roulette Board / Re: @ turbo
« on: May 14, 02:27 AM 2019 »

I thought I'd already seen you, you're photogenic !

Main Roulette Board / Re: @ turbo
« on: May 14, 02:10 AM 2019 »

I too reversed my nickname but no one noticed.

The Notepad / Re: Idea Popped in my head.
« on: May 13, 05:57 PM 2019 »

An idea plopped ( plolpped) from the sky would be better ...

Off-Topic / Re: PLOLP
« on: May 12, 12:09 PM 2019 »

Off-Topic / Re: PLOLP
« on: May 10, 09:55 AM 2019 »

I do not regret my rising, especially since it is not exaggerated.

But I should not have played so many numbers.
I played 4 fields at the same time it was a mistake.

For the diversion I admit not to understand.

Note that for the last 85 games, only 2 have used a rising.
for the second game, I used tokens of 2.

Off-Topic / Re: PLOLP
« on: May 09, 02:35 PM 2019 »

Off-Topic / Re: PLOLP
« on: May 09, 02:32 PM 2019 »
Hi Anastasius,
you know the date and rouns of this game ?

I'm shocked, plolp is cheating ?

Why do you say that ?
It's provocation ..

Off-Topic / Re: PLOLP
« on: Apr 30, 05:55 AM 2019 »
Well plolp ...can you give some examples / rules champion ?

Sorry but I can not give all the details of my game.
I gave the main idea.

I developed this method as if I were blind.
It requires a global vision of the game.

It takes a true idea (always true) whatever the history.
This is the case for: "the field shrinks"

It takes a second to choose the numbers.
So you can play blind, but you must be aware if you have won or lost your bet.

Off-Topic / Re: PLOLP
« on: Apr 30, 04:53 AM 2019 »
The field is shrinking, it's a movement.
In general I attack 2 fields.

these 2 fields are different but have common numbers.
I choose them by chance but they are built of a precise structure.

Off-Topic / Re: PLOLP
« on: Apr 30, 02:50 AM 2019 »

I always use "adblock" on RS
They asked me to remove it.

and you ?

Off-Topic / Re: PLOLP
« on: Apr 30, 02:35 AM 2019 »
Why didnt u bet anything the first 3 spins if past spins dont matter

And why did u exit the game

I feel like you do not read what I write

Off-Topic / Re: PLOLP
« on: Apr 30, 02:19 AM 2019 »

a single loss but not my fault.

Off-Topic / Re: PLOLP
« on: Apr 30, 02:16 AM 2019 »
I am asked to disable adblock to play on RS. I had to give up a game because of that.

Off-Topic / Re: PLOLP
« on: Apr 29, 08:44 AM 2019 »
Why do u change from 4 to 2 bets and back?? The field?

As I can attack 2 fields at the same time
or more, there may be common numbers.

It is also possible that the different fields are not attacked at the same time.
Several fields can be attacked in slow and partially entangled times.

Off-Topic / Re: PLOLP
« on: Apr 29, 08:31 AM 2019 »
Your are the champ....ok how do we puck those numbers ?

attacking a field that is restricted and ..... a second idea that has already been discussed on this forum but has not been extrapolated.
and which has a relation with the field which is restricted.

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