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Main Roulette Board / Re: Turbo's Racing Analogy
« on: Oct 16, 04:53 PM 2019 »
I dont agree with his horse race analogy. To describe an exect system u need exact wording with exect example which he is not doing for getting detected.  He is playing around so that people getting confused.

General Discussion / Re: The Ineptness of Turbo and others
« on: Oct 05, 05:16 PM 2019 »
This is a warning to all. Stop wasting time looking for a statistical EDGE! There is NONE!

For the last few month I tested so many ideas to see if there would be statistical edge somewhere. For example Turbo's horse race looked promising but after programming everything in excel and testing 1000's of spins the return is always 1:37.

For example I tested the 5 top finishers in a 5 (37) cycle race. After 1000's of spins the hit rate would return to 1:37. Yes sometimes you would have top performers going to 12 or above hits, and yes you would be on them. BUT because you dont KNOW which of the 11's are going to 12 you would have to bet all 11's.

U r right. After certain spin all numbers may come to equal. U r still looking for wrong thing. U need to look for inequality and exploit it. Its not always the top finisher give u profit all the time. The last boy can give u big profit when u need. There is a way to know which 5s will be 6s , not always but most of the time to make enough profit.

General Discussion / Re: The Ineptness of Turbo and others
« on: Oct 05, 05:40 AM 2019 »
Are u saying u tested 1000 spin and got nothing? What did u actually look for?

Main Roulette Board / Re: Step In To My Game
« on: Sep 28, 06:07 PM 2019 »
It doesnt matter who’s thread is it. A reasonable response is always accepted and encouraged. A hint game must be underlined by red mark.

General Discussion / Re: Rolette Extreme Experts
« on: Jul 26, 05:45 AM 2019 »
Welcome back passion. Hopefully i m not wrong.

General Discussion / Re: Bitcoin
« on: Jul 18, 07:13 PM 2019 »
Team up with broken wheel master and play in kitchen. Till then dont talk . U r still a baby

General Discussion / Re: Bitcoin
« on: Jul 18, 07:09 PM 2019 »
You r far behind and your ball feel like fish egg😲😲

General Discussion / Re: Bitcoin
« on: Jul 18, 07:03 PM 2019 »
I bet my balls it will go back up again. But also that Bitcoin probably wont be the dominant crypto eventually, unless it has some major changes.

People dont eat this now a days. Be specific

General Discussion / Re: Bitcoin
« on: Jul 18, 06:40 PM 2019 »
Not hard to tell after something happen. Tell before. Its not hard to predict one hot number will replace another. But to tell which one ,is the superior ability of a big ball holder.

General Discussion / Re: Anyone know
« on: Jul 12, 05:53 AM 2019 »
What does it matter if accuracy is the same as random?

Money management is meaningless in most cases. Its as pointless as progression. Its just random bets. You could win big, lose big, break even etc etc but overall you gradually lose.

So while you think it saves you from loss, it could actually be saving you from massive profits.

Why is this so hard to understand?

The only time it does anything is in cases like you have an edge, and gradually increase stakes with profits.

Not hard steve. We got it from the very beginning. What u dont want to tell straight, i m telling that

“ any system designed to bet on random outcome is useless”

All system published here day 1 to till now is useless. Simple as water.

General Discussion / Re: Anyone know
« on: Jul 11, 06:34 PM 2019 »
A stealth MM  combined with notto’s  KFC  system. How it sounds?

Main Roulette Board / Re: @ turbo
« on: May 13, 09:30 PM 2019 »
I'm a girl, my name is Astrid.
I like this world of roulette because my father was a great fan of the game and a very good player, he got a very easy way to win, which is what I play with and the truth that he always wins, but he won little a little.
Is there a problem because it's a girl?

U have taken the scamming art to a new level. How can someone got this much patient to run this almost a year round.

A question to the world? Is passion a boy or girl

Main Roulette Board / Re: @ turbo
« on: May 13, 01:10 AM 2019 »
It is theoretically possible for casinos to cheat that way, but they are audited.

Why would a casino risk losing a potentially billion dollar license, when they already have the house edge?

This is not 1/37 and there r numerous vedio nd evidence that show casino cheating. I havent heard any of them got cancelled their licence.

The idea is the more  and faster u can pick up money the faster the house edge profit

Main Roulette Board / Re: @ turbo
« on: May 13, 12:39 AM 2019 »
Think that i m a rng. I can play against your bet say 200 spin in the name of random.How do prove that by the testing you mentioned

Main Roulette Board / Re: @ turbo
« on: May 12, 11:28 PM 2019 »
Regulated casinos have their RNG properly developed, tested and certified. And even the payouts are usually audited. Fair means it does not appear to have flaws that make it predictable. That includes testing for repeaters, hot numbers etc. Those are standard tests.

They can still cheat to individual keep these test intact.

Example  in a short term play of 200 spin if i play exactly against u to make lose and bring back the statistics normal  after u leave, there is no testing can justify this.

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