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General Discussion / Re: Donating winnings
« on: Aug 08, 10:35 AM 2019 »
Ha, I'll let you know Ghost.

General Discussion / Re: Donating winnings
« on: Aug 07, 02:15 PM 2019 »
So if they cut a check in the charities name.... my name and tax obligation stays out of it...I'll ask the cashier,  thanks. I like your slogan about how to win by the other way to play.

General Discussion / Re: Donating winnings
« on: Aug 07, 11:34 AM 2019 »
Perhaps i should of said this at the beginning........if I'm going to donate i do not want the tax liability to come back to me. If i cash out the chips then i have to pay the taxes that the casino reports. If the non profit cashes the chips in for cash..........i was unclear at what point the chips were considered taxable at the point of winning or when turned into cash.

General Discussion / Donating winnings
« on: Aug 07, 09:55 AM 2019 »
Hey, quick question?

If you win over 10k in Roulette:

1. Can you walk out the door with the chips?

2. Can you donate the chips to a non profit?

3. How would the non-profit cash them in?

Yes should be .035

Singles or 1s happen .56% of the time 
                   2s               .14%
                   3s               .035%
                   4s               .00875%
                    Etc. N/4

Ohhhh no. I will be around for a long time, i have a project i was working on. Will post  today. Just wanted to clarify the math on a stream  of any length.

Singles or 1s happen .56% of the time
                   2s               .14%
                   3s               .35%
                   4s               .00875%
                    Etc. N/4

Taotie, agreed. You could run the same fractal  geometric logic individually with 0 and 00 but that is zooming in more than i comfortable with. I have done extreme odds advantage play with 0s before, it was successful but mathematically i don't thinknit is reliable.

Drazen, using one of my alg i (close your eyes programmers you may not like what i write next) can make a perfectly random stream based on geometric fractal laws, like what we have been discussing here. Doing that i can hide encrypted bytes that are impossible to an electronic one time pad hidden in a purely random stream. That should also encompass your question.....almost off topic sorry mod!

Great, how did it do and if it has already been discussed i don't need to explain further, there are some very smart people on this board. The bottom line in all this discussion is, can you make a random stream using fractal geometry laws.  All else is preferences on how to use the inverse for prediction, to find sequences, biases in random devices and patterns. I have not searched threads to see if the person i learned this from has posted here before.

An old timer told me that and i have always done it. The math says don't do it......agreed. with a single 0 wheel it give you it gives you 37 a prime can't divide the wheel into sectors,  with 38 its cumbersome, so either always or never bet on green.......that is just my opinion.....

Sounds like you have been at this a while. VBA was still new 15 years ago. You have to be cautious. I was skimming numbers off a mechanical roulette wheel, the sectors were predictable, but it was in its low level mode without players, when someone sat down it was another story.

After charting 5 games after a long high random sequence (a run of random numbers above normal for that wheel) start betting on sectors to repeat. Buy in with 140 chips (a full flower) one chip on each of the 9 numbers of the sector that has just repeated, 1 chip on 0 the other on 00. Keep placing a chip on the sectors that have just hit. You are betting on the bias of the wheel will take over and a sector is going to repeat. Like the card wheel I was playing in Oklahoma it was a no brainer playing, guessing sectors to repeat. When you have to make a decision of which way it will go, the bias says repeat. When in doubt repeat….much more later.

 If you are playing a wheel that has a lower bias (higher entropy) you have to shift from placing bets on sectors that have hit to review the math of numbers followed by what number. Practice zooming out. For instance, if you have 1,3,4,1,1,2,4,1,3,2,2,3,4,1,3,4,3,3,3,4,? I could go into the math of this stream but if we are looking at a highly random wheel what should we bet next You. I do not want to go into detail until later but you could run the same alg once again on the conditioned stream, or another…more later (remember on a random stream no matter how many times you run an alg it should stay random. If it does not and you know the wheel is random make bets it will repair the anomaly and become random by corrections.) or just bet that after the 4 it will hit a 2. Why not a 1….it has done that the last 3 times. Why not a 2……..high number of 2s have hit. Why not a 4…….high number of repeats have already hit. Once again we are playing the math and biases. If it hits a 1 stop playing and wait for the next time it hits a 4 and continue with the logic of the math of the last 20 or less numbers like we just did. If it hits a 3, bet sector 1(most probable)…. Much more later

The above example is very exagerated.(except for the online rng yesterday) but i wanted the math to be understood.

Ha ha, when talking fractals everything is relevant. Sorry couldn't resist.

To start the game look back over your last 5 games at that same random device.

Before you have sat down to play, this post assumes you have done your homework to find which machine has the greater bias than the others. Remember it goes from random to bias or so the conditioned stream will have higher than normal sequences if there us a bias.

If you suspect bias run the math first.....First find odds for sequences of 2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 in a row with the game you are charting

4 Sectors used for math i did not adjust for 0 and 00 since i always play green

2s 1:4
3 4^2

Out of 256 spins
192 1s or singles
48    2s or doubles
12    3s
3      4s

Add up your odds it should equal the number of spins. That number is the bias that you use to base your bets

So if you get a
(1)  12s that should happen 1: 4,194,304

( 8 ) 6s. Sixes are 1:1024 for 6 that's or     6,144 spins

(3) 7s. 7s are 1: 4096 for 7 that's 28,672

(30) 2s. 2s are 1:4 thats 120

(55) 1s. I just add them but you should actually multiply the x for correction on this

4194304+6144+28672+120+55=4229295 / 256 = 16,520 so the wheel is biased 16,520 times above a normal random wheel. That is a bias we use when we place bets.

I will write more in a minute, but this is worth its own post. I will criticize my own method of play, but within this is much room for profit with practice.

The play.

Playing fractals you can only bet on the premise from calculating if the stream is moving away or toward entropy.........order or lack of order.


A very difficult question to answer. The more graphs and different type of alg you can manage the better you can profit. As a wheel or machine moves closer to truely random the more difficult it is to manage. The place  where science curently sits there is lots of room for profit presently. I could easily improve a casinos intake with simple training because the people who work there are predictably operating the game. There is lots of room for profit for average people like you and i. Does anyone know if there are any next generation fractal rngs based on laws we have been discussing here?

Okay on to actual games.

The catch is they are not all this simple. I would not go to the casino yet to bet, if i were you. skim numbers from machines first,  roulette, this works with cards, any machine. Stay away from slots, except the ones by the front door. If you find a machine with a bias only play 8 to 12 spins. I use a simple martingale progression. Cash out leave fast, visit again in a couple of days. There is so much more to this, you have not scratched the surface. There are other alg, and how to play a full game. All games have a frequency, everything does, you can profile, and pattern, crime, air accedents. Car collision rates, earthquakes, prime numbers (definately not random)....etc.

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