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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if someone knows a good live dealer table where we can remove a placed bet by simply right clicking on it.
Many tables don't have this function; its either removing the entire table bet or dragging the bet you want to remove away from the table. The latter is what Im doing on the Unibet tables. Sometimes there is a little delay and its frustrating.
Any ideas?
Thanks a lot

Lots of people here work with repeater strategies and I am looking for some roulette outcomes that have few repeaters, the fewer the better. Or reps that come extremely late in a cycle. Whatever that lacks lots of reps!
If you have such files, please let me know. I am into acid testing and want to find out a workaround for these extremer situations.
Many thanks!


Main Roulette Board / random VS repeater
« on: Aug 03, 06:55 AM 2018 »
random VS repeater

We know that we can expect a first repeat around spin 8.
Now try to bet a RANDOM number instead of the last number and see when you will get your first repeat.
Dont necessarily repeat the last number when you bet your second set of 2 numbers, simply bet one random number first, then bet 2 random numbers, then 3 random numbers and so on untill you get a hit.
Will the averages be the same?


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