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Lots of people here work with repeater strategies and I am looking for some roulette outcomes that have few repeaters, the fewer the better. Or reps that come extremely late in a cycle. Whatever that lacks lots of reps!
If you have such files, please let me know. I am into acid testing and want to find out a workaround for these extremer situations.
Many thanks!


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« on: Aug 03, 06:55 AM 2018 »
random VS repeater

We know that we can expect a first repeat around spin 8.
Now try to bet a RANDOM number instead of the last number and see when you will get your first repeat.
Dont necessarily repeat the last number when you bet your second set of 2 numbers, simply bet one random number first, then bet 2 random numbers, then 3 random numbers and so on untill you get a hit.
Will the averages be the same?


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