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General Discussion / ExcelBot by Stef
« on: Sep 24, 09:24 AM 2014 »
Good morning to everybobody.

Does any one knows if the EXCELBOT by Stef still have any support?

Mine stopped working.  I only used it at Dublinbet.

Thanks for you comments.

Attached there is a video that shows very interesting results. It is about betting on streets. Flat bet. Also attached there is an excel file that I use for the video. Just write your spins on the green cells. Last spin you write it downwards. Excuse me for my bad english.

Here the link for getting the video:


General Discussion / WORST DS COMBO
« on: Aug 18, 11:50 AM 2013 »
Knowing that you have knowledge of roulette, here in the forum, I venture, to introduce to you a way of playing it, which has produced good results so far.

Bet the group of  Double Streets, immediately  this conditions are met:

1 - They have not appeared at least in 7 spins
2 - That this group wins.

 Follow a projection similar to Oscar Grind

For clarity attached excel, where you just have to enter the winning numbers in column A, starting in row 5, I mean from cells A5.

You can change the profit target a the stop-loss, in cells L1 y L2. Also the number of spins without appearing in cells M1.

I appreciate very much if you help me find a stop-loss, so that at the end the result is profit.

Excuse me for my poor English.


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