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Main Roulette Board / Luckyfella Bacarrat based system
« on: Jun 21, 09:04 PM 2014 »
I dont know if anyone has posted this system on the board before. This system is a combination of ideas found on forums and the team has tested @ the local b&m casino with reasonable results.


1. Record the result in rows of 3 columns Eg.
r  b  b
r  r  r
b  r  r  .... and so on

2. Use the1st column as the starter, look for 3 continuous rows with the same pattern eg.
r  b  r
r  b  r
r  b  r

3. Bet for the 1st column to be opposite of 1st column of previous row, ie. Black

4. If win stop, if lose then check if column 2 &3 are also repeats of previous row. If yes then bet opposite for the 1st column of the next row, ie. Black

5. Look for new pattern and repeat process.


1. The pattern is the almost the same as TYPE A except for the 3rd row 3rd column. Instead of repeat it came out opposite.  Eg.

r  b  r
r  b  r
r  b  b

2.  Bet for 1st column to be opposite of 1st column of previous row, ie. Black

3. If win stop, if lose then bet for 2nd column opposite of previous row 2nd column, ie. Red

4. If win stop. If lose then check if 3 rd column is also repeat. If yes then bet 1st column of next row for opposite of 1st column of previous row, ie. Black

5. Look for new pattern and repeat process.

Use the 2nd column column as starter to look for 3 rows of same pattern and do the TYPE A & B bets. Use also the 3rd column as starter and bet the same.

The team has reported this observed data - 10 wins (average) nett after with 50shoes 8 decks no burn card.

You can do your own research with roulette for r/b,  h/l and o/e.

That's the luckyfella bacarrat base system for roulette. Enjoy!

Bet selection / Lucky 34
« on: May 26, 10:06 PM 2014 »
My 1st post under General Discussion I talked about my roulette journey from losing 10k then recovered the entire sum plus some profits now over the last month @ a b&m casino.

Here's the method/sequence :

1st spin red 34

2nd spin Activator number(s) ?

3rd spin - bet all 18 numbers to the left of green 0, starting from the top black 26 till the bottom red 5

If, you don't have the 2nd spin Activator numbers to act as a filter, you won't get any advantage. This is an even chance bet 50%-50% so you need to find the skew. Do the hard work to determine this "Activator numbers" by screening historical real wheel data. The 3rd spin skew will tilt toward the left with a 15%-33% edge.

The best part of this is it will not go against for more than -3 in a row, meaning no build up of loss sequence. I use only 4 bullets for my bank roll per session. I cover 16-20 tables for this set up over 3 hrs for a 2 day session with my partner, 4 days/week.

Don't ask me the mathematics or the logic behind this method. There's none. I happen to stumble upon it which is a follow up to another system we were developing. To test, just look at the result screen of all tables at your b&m casino and you should spot this skew easily. N Good luck !

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