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The Notepad / DO YOU HAVE A SAY
« on: Nov 21, 02:41 PM 2018 »
I am raising my hand against any kind moderation. Here the moderation means controlling your speech by the admin.

Any member can go against the forum rule and admin can do their job. I would say ban would be good  for specific time depending on each case.

Why not moderation?

Cause in this way some people got right to control your speech. In some cases intentional delay is made to reach your speech to the people .

Lets assume  a moderated member is sending some info which may be related to true HG. Why the info should stuck in admins hand and need his/her permission to get through just bcz he has done something wrong before.

A moderated  person might have a say.we need to hear it as well.

I can see a lot of people got warning level( 30% moderation ) stick to their profile for unlimited time. Why these has not been taken down?

I seen in moderation thread someone modrated /banned with no end time.

Why is that? Bcz he used double abusive language. Punishment should be double specific time. Shoudnt it?

Or just bcz he insulted mod he got no end date ? And in case of  general member insulting there is specific time.

We definitely want to hear from moderated member without anyones approval. Speech doesnt need permission. If anyone breaks the rule he should come back with free speech after specific banned period without begging anyone to release his/ her speech.

The Notepad / A Broken wheel and myth
« on: Sep 16, 09:35 PM 2018 »
You can always find a based wheel,
Just go to a museum. Its an old wheel, ancient technology, no one has the money to keep it un-biased and no one has any incentive to do so,. If the occasional vacuum cleaner guy or floor polisher guy nudges it a bit, so what?

Now you go to a casino and you've got the Real World. Lights on 24 hours a day. Maintenance only when scheduled and performed by trained personnel. Equipment that is recent and well maintained. Equipment that is monitored by dealers, floor men, pit bosses, shift bosses and above all else by computers.

You've also got some of those fancy-smancy annoying annunciators which give both a visual display and an electronic data stream,

You've got computers that analyze anything they can. You've got auditors who analyze the paper trails.

You've got surveillance types who would just love to analyze cleavage all shift long but who know they will lose their jobs if they do it, So they watch. Sure they watch the dealer and the players and particularly they watch the winners.

You think someone is going to perceive a bias that gets by all that watching. Sure anything mechanical degrades over time. No one puts in new innards every hour, so things do wear but not fast enough to provide any opportunities,

If you think you've found a biased wheel, tell the casino you've got ten grand and they will send a limousine for you. Make it fifty grand and that limousine will be well stocked with booze and cleavage. The casino knows what is going to be happening to your bankroll and the casino knows their computers are better at spotting bias than you are,

Collected from someone

The Notepad / @ steve
« on: Jun 15, 05:03 PM 2018 »
Steve  can u plz remove this two system seller/ scammer.

Passion rouletta and gutroulette. Specially i am asking for passion rouletta

He has been a annoying person for long time . Barking everyday with same thing. We all fed up.

Now a days a new type of mutant seller/ scammer on rise

The Notepad / Using concept of crossing
« on: Apr 21, 12:13 AM 2018 »
This concept is taken from winkles GUT.
I have tried to use it in dozon. U guys can have a look if its suits u.

The idea is using the single number from any dozon preferably hot one.

During playing gut using 37 number i faced a problem for too many numbes. Just this is a try to reduce the number down.


Normally i dont play 0s vs 1s. I start
From 1s. Vs 2s

2s: 2.........8..........12

3s: 12

Here is ur play 2s vs 3s

This ruduce the number down to 3-4 per bet even not every spin.

For the player who want to use progression can use nicely. But dont be marti junkie.

Find out ur stop win by urself. Calculate the average by urself when which crossing can come. As its a dozon will take a bit of time.

Can give some advantage against cheat rng. What i found in rng how does it beat crossing?

2s: 4......8........

3s:   12

It just bring more number to 2s and then make crossing like


3s: 12

U can deal with that by going out of rules as the numbers r not much. U can afford to do. Everything is fair when fighting with roulette.

Moreover u can change the dozon anytime when u want even when u r in play make rng fool. Bcz it will track u when u keep playing in just one dozon.

U can play flat bcz u ll get a lot of room. If its 5 number then 7 times and so on.

The Notepad / Live chat roulette simulator
« on: Jan 19, 03:44 PM 2018 »
Starting .....

The Notepad / @ colbster
« on: Jan 10, 04:20 PM 2018 »
Can you plz come forward with a reason why u locked my thread??

The Notepad / @ steve
« on: Jan 09, 06:13 PM 2018 »
My thread is locked. Is there any reason behind that?

And ur bias behavior is on face. U keep ur mouth shut while people r on abusive language but throw a warning to people saying truth on someones report.

The Notepad / What works and what doesnt??
« on: Dec 29, 05:13 PM 2017 »
I would ask the  experienced player  to drop their opinion on this so that others can  save their time( if they want). And get an idea where work.

The Notepad / What is live wheel actually
« on: Feb 19, 01:49 AM 2017 »
Query to the experts? People say live wheel spin? Are the live wheels are not rigged in casino? Well i dont know. I asked a dealer is it not cheat like the rng? When the ball land immidiately it comes to the screen. They drop the chips to a hole in the table and all it comes back arranged from under the table. Also behaves like rngs. Play unhits comes repeat. When play repeat come unhit. The dealer just laugh at me and said dont play in casino when i asked him is the live wheel is cheat?

The Notepad / Grail from a 7 years old boy
« on: Jan 25, 05:21 PM 2017 »
Wont take a big time no 100 pages discussion. The idea is from my 7 years old cousin is from sydney name arham kaiser all credit goes to him. If you are successful send him gifts.

Take 4 number from top of the marque.
Just bet the next four number of that 4 number.exmp:


So you bet 5,10,28and

Keep doing untill you r in plus. Stop take rest for 15 spin and can start again. Dont give up . Just keep doing. This will bring u back to plus. No logic behind this. If it doesnt work dont blame. At least he tried.this is the grail from my little cousin who help me a lot . He called this game a spinning game even dont know what the name of the game.


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