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General Discussion / Donating winnings
« on: Aug 07, 09:55 AM 2019 »
Hey, quick question?

If you win over 10k in Roulette:

1. Can you walk out the door with the chips?

2. Can you donate the chips to a non profit?

3. How would the non-profit cash them in?

I wanted to start a discussion on a way i discovered how to recognize if the random numbers are falling in a truely random order.  And, sequences that you will always see in a random stream. How you can use this to your advantage. This will take some time to explain. I am not so conceited to think you will stop what you are doing to learn this, but hope you will consider what i write. This will take patience, but it is simple to track with pencil and paper. More in a bit.


Newcomer's space / Greetings interesting board
« on: Jun 02, 06:36 PM 2017 »
Hello all,

Great site. I am a long time player coming up on 30 years and thought i would drop in and see how the game and systems are advancing. Greetings to all.


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