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Testing zone / Re: This system can work ?
« on: Aug 11, 01:06 AM 2019 »
Yes, possible and probably easy to do.  I'm busy as hell growing/picking watermelons but if I ever have a few hours free I'll try to think about it.

Bet selection / Re: rx code
« on: Aug 11, 12:59 AM 2019 »
How do you define ''hot''?

2 parameters?  1) times it hits in x-spins and 2) spins since last hit?

I had made an Excel sheet lately which would sort the nr's ''hotness'' relative to these 2 parmeters...
Will share when I find it.

Main Roulette Board / Re: I’m at Atlantis bahams
« on: Jul 29, 11:50 PM 2019 »
Hehe, strong men act then doubt, weak men doubt and never act!

General Discussion / Re: Rolette Extreme Experts
« on: Jul 26, 07:31 AM 2019 »
Welcome back passion. Hopefully i m not wrong.

Héhé, funny guess! I give it a 50% chance.  Somebody is going to have his IP checked...

Main Roulette Board / Re: Applying Fractals to Roulette
« on: Jul 24, 08:40 AM 2019 »

Main Roulette Board / Re: Applying Fractals to Roulette
« on: Jul 23, 09:51 PM 2019 »

General Discussion / Re: Bitcoin
« on: Jul 16, 10:02 PM 2019 »
Good point.  Cash is based on confidence.  Nowadays cash is monetized debt, so third party risk.  Real money is based on what the central banks have been accumulating in the last years...

Safest is land.  You cant create it= limited supply.  And it gives dividend if you use it the right way.

General Discussion / Re: Bitcoin
« on: Jul 16, 09:49 PM 2019 »
They're all vulnerable.  It's non tangible assets.
Some are less worse...

For money you can afford to lose.

General Discussion / Re: Bitcoin
« on: Jul 16, 09:23 PM 2019 »
Whats the point of ''owning'' cryptos if there is nothing tangible left once the system crashes, Steve?

Outside The Box / Re: Could anyone test
« on: Jul 16, 09:16 PM 2019 »
There is no point.

I just love coding Excel and learning new functions.

But there would be a point if it is used to check for biased wheel.
Or just another way of sorting them out.  Like shuffling Legos and replacing them differently in the box.

Outside The Box / Re: Could anyone test
« on: Jul 16, 08:29 PM 2019 »
Does this rank multiple numbers the same rank

No it gives them different ranks.  Same number of hits is the first condition, spins since last hits is the second.

Here is a new file where you see the nrs sorted by their rank as the spins go by.


Outside The Box / Re: Could anyone test
« on: Jul 14, 09:02 AM 2019 »

got this file that tells the nr's ''hotness'', i.e. rank, once they hit. 

There are two variable to consider:
1)  Amount of hit
2) Spins since last hit.

The first variable mostly does the job, but on equal hits, the second helps giving each nr a ''hotness'' rank.

Column E&F: rank before and after hit;
Column H: Back-to-back occurence

Rest is stats:
Col. J&K: On Xth back-to-back occurence, on which rank was the nr.
L&M: B-t-b hit per rank.

Quite rough file, no user-friendliness, but it's something already.

Outside The Box / Re: Could anyone test
« on: Jul 13, 11:42 AM 2019 »
Use the Excel RANK function to establish which nr is the hottest.

Will share a file when I have time.

Outside The Box / Re: Could anyone test
« on: Jul 13, 12:20 AM 2019 »
Interested to see if anyone can test stats about the hottest number from spin 1 until hit two times in a row'

Define hottest?  Hottest in one spin, ten spins, 100 spins?

General Discussion / Re: Anyone know
« on: Jul 11, 08:51 PM 2019 »
It's been proven KFC loses in the long run, no matter which goal,stoploss or progression is being used.

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