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General Discussion / Re: Forum feature suggestion - Steve?
« on: Oct 20, 12:59 PM 2018 »
Nice topic.

I have coded many systems in the past. Usually I do this in Python but any other language will do the job. I would like to participate in coding systems if the idea of Joe is accepted.

I dont have much experience with  Roulette Xtreme, but seems to be a bit limited to share. If you want to share the code, the users will need to have an RX licence. In other coding languages you could provide the users with a custom standalone testing environment.

Bet selection / Re: The Masaniello Method
« on: Oct 17, 03:13 PM 2018 »
Interesting topic.
I am going to code this system to analyze it with real data.

The tracker looks great Joe.  (Maybe the reset button should reset the bankroll to the given input value)


Coding for Roulette / Bot, Result Extractor, System Testing
« on: Oct 01, 05:30 PM 2018 »
Hello all,

For those who are looking for a custom bot, result extractor or system tester please contact me via PM.
I have experience with creating bots for live roulette of several online casinos. Contact me to check if your favorite casino is one of the possibilities. 

Also system testing is something I do regularly.


Hello Peter,

In the past I made a program that could interact with the software that is also used at unibet.
Please send me a pm for details if you are still looking for a solution. maybe I can help



Test: Barron1.2 @ Celtic Casino European Wheel-
Monday, September 17,2018 @ 7:21pm CDT USA

1.) +31
You hit the zero?
Is the method of selecting the 4 splits based on previous results? And do they change during the session?

Newcomer's space / Re: New Member
« on: Sep 16, 09:35 PM 2018 »

Are you in the US?
No Sir, I am in Europe.

Newcomer's space / New Member
« on: Sep 15, 09:17 PM 2018 »
Hello all,

Today I signed up for this forum to interact with fellow Roulette Players. I have been testing systems for a while and come here from time to time for inspiration. I like playing roulette, but I also like to review systems and think about new ones.
To test new systems I program them and feed the program with real data from casino's. Usually I use python or Matlab to do so (thats where the nickname comes from). Maybe I should take a look at xtremeroulette?
Hopefully I can contribute with a simulation in any of the interesting topics here. So far I haven't developed a system that is worthwhile to share ::)  (yet).

Any other way available to get details about this system? Was following the results.

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