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Main Roulette Board / Re: Tomla
« on: Nov 06, 12:33 PM 2019 »

Main Roulette Board / Re: The Secret of Tesla's 3 6 9
« on: Oct 19, 06:26 AM 2019 »
Not saying that I have the answer.
But if you want to learn more about VBM (Vortex Based Mathematics) look for Marko Rodin and Randy Powell

I think this was Marko Rodin's old site*/

And here are a few videos

Main Roulette Board / Re: Turbo's Racing Analogy
« on: Oct 16, 11:04 PM 2019 »
It only takes so many spin to show only if a player is waiting for it, not if it favours the casino ;-)

Kav, how so ? Please explain further

I really dont have time. you'll need to see my previous posts

You have nearly 6000 posts. Where to begin ? There must be one memorable post you can point us to.

luckyfella, thanks for the info.
I am still eager to see what information Steve has to share

I've explained it many times now. I'll add it to my to-do list to write a specific page that explains it.

A specific page would be helpful.

In the meantime, please provide a link to one of your posts where you have "explained it many times now"

Why repeats happen and when is so simple. Why is it so difficult to understand?

Then please explain both the "why" and the "when".
Or if you have a webpage that explains these, please post the link

System Players Only (no advantage play) / Re: Random Thoughts
« on: Sep 16, 09:02 AM 2019 »
falkor, please give another example, but using quads. Thanks

Kav, I think cl is an acronym for cycle length, hence cycle length 1, cycle length 2 & cycle length 3.

General Discussion / Re: Rolette Extreme Experts
« on: Jul 29, 06:49 PM 2019 »

post your code, then someone can review it and tell you what is wrong

Main Roulette Board / Re: Applying Fractals to Roulette
« on: Jul 11, 08:40 AM 2019 »
In the video a new point is created halfway between the old point and (A, B or C).

What the triangle look like if the new point was created 1/3 or 1/4 (instead of halfway)? Be interesting to see.

What software is he using to create this serpinksi triangle ?

Coding for Roulette / Re: Roulette system coding
« on: Jun 10, 09:59 PM 2019 »
May I suggest you look at topics/posts from user TurboGenius;u=6974

also this is a long topic, but has some good info

Best Wishes

is MLE an acronym ? maybe meaning Most Likely Event

Cannot understand your description.
Please type in your own language and run it through google translate.

Bet selection / Re: LINE Hunter
« on: Jan 31, 08:57 PM 2019 »
ignatus, You have become a very skilled RX coder. Congratulations !

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