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Main Roulette Board / Re: Vaddis is the true grail
« on: Apr 12, 10:40 PM 2019 »
You're probably referring to the member I removed today. He was a new member spamming his website link. In that case, they and all their posts and threads get removed.
Have you checked the ip ?

The Notepad / Re: Vaddis Holy Grail
« on: Mar 31, 10:34 PM 2019 »
4000 runs overall:

Glad I didn't become a guru to anyone, I'd have to lie about how great my system is.
Nice test.

Some people lose sense of perspective that roulette is gambling.

Vaddi, like everything else, is a suckers fantasy. Telling it as it is. Have fun with the graphs.

Main Roulette Board / Re: Am I wrong?
« on: Mar 21, 02:16 AM 2019 »
In the random game, why should a number that has hit be more likely to hit over the next series of spins than a number that has not hit?
After all the same number of pockets remain on the wheel from one spin to the next, right?  And doesn't the number of pockets on the wheel determine the probability of winning?
What is the magical force that makes "repeaters" more likely to hit ?  :o
If anyone answers your question he is not just uneducated or plain stupid.
He's the ultimate idiot. :twisted:

However, this fact does not help you in gaining any advantage in prediction of the next number which is the only thing anyone can bet on.
It all comes down to this.

Main Roulette Board / Re: Does random have limits?
« on: Mar 09, 10:37 PM 2019 »
I'm 100% sure that something like the above can be utilized somehow and can be combined with other things to create a winning method. I wish I knew how  :'(
Keep MoneyT topic in mind ati. "Does random have limits ?"

Your purpose is not to predict the outcome of the next spin.

Your purpose is as per OP's topic. Only way that I mentioned umpteen times is it must have a basis - that's math as in a negative skewed graph.

And, if you think they do, and the numbers are still random, then you are welcome to find them, and go out there to make your fortune. Please give us a slice of the action  :twisted:
Not happening  :twisted:

Main Roulette Board / Re: @ turbo
« on: Mar 03, 10:32 PM 2019 »
Slight aside, does anyone know why people try to game or cheat these fun roulette forums. Is it just for the sport, or maybe a prelude to selling a system? Surely it's the real life results that count, either in B&M or proper cash game in an online casino.
Good question.

My question is - must everyone who post nice winning RS graphs automatically make him a cheat or scammer ?

General and Taotie tauts MPR as the gold standard of proof.

We are brainwashed to believe such shit. :thumbsup:

Final question for General, now that RS plugs the cheat loophole, do RS graphs receive better legitimacy from you ? Or status quo ?

Sorry, this silly denial of legitimacy cut no ice.

Bet selection / Re: The Superior Bet Selection
« on: Mar 03, 05:29 AM 2019 »
And simply the larger your edge, the lower the variance. This affects every system, computer, method etc exactly the same way.
This is spot on correct. :thumbsup:

I have to highlight this very important fact. Every gambler must know this fact.

If your whatever method, AP or systems, shows large variance, highly likely your method is a loser.

That's why I keep posting these 100spins graphs - look at the variance, if you still haven't figured it out yet.

General, I 'm still lucky as my nick. :lol:

Another way to look at table layout or wheel betting is the territorial strategy where multiple 'traps' are set up to capture the opponents material, similar to the game of go. Here management of resources, ie. bankroll is key to always try maintain balance of survival until the 'traps' are sprung.

Perhaps I should rephrase it. What does posting a totally random and unexplained 100 spin sample bring to the discussion?
Like the chess game, there is no way to explain the intricate moves of each game in a single post.

At best is to touch the broad base strategy that OP intended for his thread. That I have done in my posts above.

Thanks to luckyfella's stumbling, we can direct the discussion to a more likely application of chess strategy for roulette.

Chess is all about playing for check mate, or for the opponent to retire. Well, roulette will never retire. So for roulette chess, it's checkmate or nothing.

Blitz chess however, is all about material points. At the end of certain time constraints, the  player with the highest accumulated material points wins.

I believe blitz chess strategies would be far better suited to roulette.
Here is my answer to the question.

I agree with your blitz chess analogy.

That's how I play roulette.
Ofc the strategy is math base.

The graph shows how I chose my battles as the chess moves are presented by the wheel.

I decide when, where and how much to commit it many multiple mini battles.

Each of this mini battle is allotted a cost. I don't have to win all battles.
My objective is to win the war, ie. win more material with least collateral damage.

That's explains for the relevance of the graph I posted. That itinerate the details of the entire 100spins war I chose to engage in.

A real practical demonstration of the wall of text I post here.

Hope this answers your question.

What the hell does a 100 spin graph prove about using chess strategies for roulette?

Ahhh, you must be playing blitz chess.   :smile:

That's very clever luckyfella, you're onto something there. A great contribution to the thread, and food for thought. :thumbsup:
For Ricky's sake, stop posting your useless loser dribble on this thread pls. TQ

General Discussion / Re: Junscessorhands HG.
« on: Feb 26, 12:43 AM 2019 »
Scissors had the hg??
Oh **** me. Come on.
5 grand steve :smile:

If bankroll is king, the war is lost even before the 1st blood is drawn.

An army of 1,000 man vs the opponent army of 1,000,000 man.

Look at the dealers tray of chips that you buy in your bankroll, your stack is overwhelmed.

Wars and battles are not won by numbers. Read history.

From an army of 1,000 man, select just the suited few for the forth coming battle.

To win, know your enemy know yourself. Choose your battle.

True victory is won before the 1st shot is fired.


Testing zone / Re: Beating the even money
« on: Feb 24, 11:50 PM 2019 »
I really enjoy the wobbly wheels.  Business is very good on the wobbly ones and the ones that don't wobble. . :)
Sorry General, I don't believe you.
Your business is down ;)

Testing zone / Re: Beating the even money
« on: Feb 24, 10:35 PM 2019 »
Well, as we all know charts are proof that a system works or doesn't work and my chart shows that your system doesn't work.

General, you use trolling on every forum to raise your profile visibility. Good strategy :thumbsup:
So, how's your wobbly wheel business ?

Testing zone / Re: Beating the even money
« on: Feb 24, 09:05 PM 2019 »
The math says that your luck will run out and that you will inevitably lose your entire bankroll, never to break even again after you've played enough sessions.
Hey General, Yes you are correct about luck. I tested my luck with continuous betting and this is what I got. Incredible run isn't it ? Has to be a record of sort.  :xd: :xd: :xd:

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