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Main Roulette Board / Re: World Cup 2018 !!
« on: Jul 03, 11:06 PM 2018 »
SWEDEN all the way!!!!

Main Roulette Board / Re: World Cup 2018 !!
« on: Jun 28, 11:11 PM 2018 »
SWEDEN all the way!!!

Roulette Software / Re: Excel Tracker HELP
« on: Jun 20, 05:10 PM 2018 »
Here he is!

Testing zone / Re: baccarat test
« on: Apr 07, 07:00 PM 2018 »
What if we wait for a virtual loss and start playing until a loss or the shoe ends. Seems to work OK on the shoes you posted. Only one shoe would have no play since it did not have any losses.

Testing zone / Re: baccarat test
« on: Apr 07, 08:46 AM 2018 »
Thanks for uploading this. Keep going!

Testing zone / Re: baccarat test
« on: Apr 05, 11:37 PM 2018 »
Could you please post the -18 shoe. Would like to see how the losses came.

Main Roulette Board / Re: *PATTERN BREAKER*
« on: Feb 19, 11:16 AM 2018 »
Here is Pattern Breaker Tracker for Baccarat in Excel.


Main Roulette Board / Re: *PATTERN BREAKER*
« on: Feb 16, 01:18 PM 2018 »
Tracker for PB Revised.


Other software / Re: Auto clicker software!
« on: Nov 27, 04:51 PM 2017 »
Thank you. :thumbsup:


I just made a simulation with these 300 spins. I doubled the balance easy. I actually doubled it twice.
Should I show you how???

Please show us how. I would be very grateful.

Thanks for sharing.  :thumbsup:


I would like to test the system. I have played your CODE INVINCIBLE with success so far, the only problem I have is to get the bets in on time sometimes. Live roulette online has a short time to put your bets in (20 s). Thinking of making a tracker to help me out when I have time.


Testing zone / Re: The "A-Way" Roulette Strategy
« on: Aug 21, 08:38 PM 2017 »

How many -4 have you seen in a row?


Main Roulette Board / Re: Strategy help
« on: Aug 13, 12:21 PM 2017 »
I could tell you about a selection method that would trippel your money with high probability.


I play for fun with real money and would be interested to know about your bet selection and give it a shot.


The Notepad / Re: VdW
« on: May 05, 12:00 PM 2017 »
Play only the 9 anomalies. Avoid the mutual bet after spin 6. Use AP 1,2,3 to ride the streaks. Restart after a win or 2 losses.

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