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General Discussion / Partner System RNG
« on: Jan 20, 03:25 PM 2018 »
No, you don't need a partner to play it, just the numbers seem to show up together in RNG

There are 37 numbers on the wheel, but I break them down to their main number eg;

The 6 numbers (6,15,24,33) usually show up with the 9 numbers (9,18,27,36)
The 4 numbers (4,13,22,31) usually show up with the 7 numbers (7,16,25,34)
The 3 numbers (3, 12, 21, 30) usually show up with the 8 numbers (8, 17,26,35)
The 2 numbers (2,11, 20,29) usually show up with the 5 numbers (5,14,23,32)
The 1 numbers (1, 10, 19, 28) Usually show up with the zero numbers (0, 11, 20 30)

I write down the numbers  in this fashion 1-2-3-4-6, as the numbers come up I cross them off until only one set is remaining and that gives me 8 numbers which  I play for a 12 step progression
Bankroll Unit $352

If it wins I keep playing starting back with the count until I win a bankroll unit, then quit for the day.  If I lose after the 12 step progression I stop for the day

Started with a $500 bankroll using 10 cent chips turned it into $15,000, moving the unit size up as bankroll grew.  I don't know if it will keep working in the longrun but so far so good.

Main Roulette Board / 1000+ Units in under thirty minutes RNG
« on: Nov 11, 10:08 AM 2017 »
Within 37 spin cycles there will be a minimum of 4 repeats, with a minimum like that, they key was to find the correct progression to make this work. 

As many of you, I have seen Charles King videos, with his double street progression the hits can be as high as 60 spins without a win.  I thought about applying his progression to a simple repeating number strategy of place a unit on each number that comes out with the progression, +1 after four numbers and -1 on a win until a new bankroll high.  Made sense to since I know that within 37 spins I will get a minimum of four hits so the recovery is rapid on any drawdowns.

In Turbo mode on RNG, I made 1023 units in 28 minutes using real money.  Not sure if it will work long run, but a very nice start. 

Main Roulette Board / Minimum 4 Repeaters with 37 spin cycle
« on: Oct 22, 02:07 PM 2017 »
Long time observer to roulette, both RNG and B&M.  Read at everything I could read, looked at countless of forum posts and systems online.  One thing that struck me as a Eureka! type thing is that within all of the spins, repeaters happen, doesn't matter if it's rng or not. 

Looking closer at this I ran random numbers, I looked up random numbers that were run by others and the most amount of unique numbers ever within 37 spins is 33.  I'm not saying that more will never happen, but close to a billion simulated runs, not one showing has cracked the 33 unique number marker.  That means that within a 37 spin cycle a maximum of 33 numbers will be unique and 4 will be repeaters of some sort, be it doubles, triples or quads. 

We have a 37 spin window, we know that 4 of those spins are repeaters, just need to find a way to monetize this somehow.  Any ideas?

I've been using the old Andruchi standard where a single roulette number will hit 8 times before all the numnbers show up at least once with a lot of success.  I track the numbers manually and when a number hits seven times I start flat betting it, sometimes up to six numbers at a time.  Usually happens within 65-150 spins so manually it is time consuming but profitable.   I would like a spreadsheet or software that I can enter the spins and it tracks the numbers telling me when a number has hit seven times, once it hits eight I cash out and start over, but I would like to roll over the past spins so that it shows me when the next bet is to be placed keeping the actually betting going rather than the manual tracking, basically having individual 65-150 spins done separately as the wheel spins add the current spin delete the 1st.   Constantly having seven hit numbers available to bet on.

I don't know if I explained it well enough to code it, but anything would help at this point.  Might be good system for a bot

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