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Odds and payouts are different things. If either the odds or payouts don't change, then the result is the same - eventual loss.

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How do you control yourself when loosing?

Started by guilleface, Jan 11, 10:21 AM 2022

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So I normally bet 3-5$ per spin, then when I don't hit nothing like in 10 spins, and especially when the number  that comes is next to my bet number I start getting mad/frustrated then I bet $20 on a street , fail, bet $50 again, fail, bet $100 on red, fail, then I always end up loosing all, I can make $250-$500 when I control my self, I went from $200 to $2400 in 3 days, then I lost $400 in like 10 spins, then later that day I lost $1400 in few spins, so far I lost like $8000, $3000 my own money and $5000 gains, all in like 10 times I can't control my self, if I could quit just when I am down $100 I would be ok.


If you have the right strategy, and use constant checks to ensure correct application, the rest is patience and repetition - without worrying too much about short-tern negative results.

Even winning systems have least short-term drawdowns. Still set your loss limit in case there's something you missed.
"The only way to beat roulette is by increasing the accuracy of predictions"
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Walk away take a break say to urself casino is open 24/7


Stop losing then or buy working system.

Kimo Li

Self discipline is the only answer.
If you do not have a mind set of self discipline, you should not play roulette.

You could have the best strategy, but lack control, you are doomed.


A dedicated bankroll or money not ever needed for other things in life is first and foremost for controlling yourself when losing. I do not consider putting a few hundred dollars aside from your work wages to play roulette on the weekend a dedicated bankroll.

Having a dedicated bankroll allows you the patience and discipline required for any lengthy recovery periods. You can even quit losing sessions to relieve pressure and return another day to continue the recovery because you don't need the money for anything else.