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Started by Steve, Jan 07, 10:30 PM 2013

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I'm conducting a LIVE WEBCAM DEMO of my roulette computers for everyone to see. You will see my roulette computer predict where the ball will land on a modern roulette wheel, via LIVE VIDEO. You will be able to chat me and verify the footage is live.

For many years I've conducted in-person demos, but many people have been unable to travel to visit me. The live webcam demo enables anyone to see for themselves, from the comfort of home.

To witness the next live webcam demo, submit the form at link:://:.roulettephysics.com/demonstrations/
At the above site you can also see a recording of a previous public demonstration.


I'm only selling two more of the Lite Roulette Computers. This is because this version uses the same modified mobile phones as the Uber roulette computer. More about the modifications are at roulette-computers.com, but essentially without the modifications, the roulette computer doesn't obtain 1ms accurate timings required for advanced features. Additionally the software doesn't run on any phone.

The lite roulette computer software does NOT need 1ms timing accuracy like the Uber's advanced features, but it only runs correctly on phones with the firmware it was designed for. As I only have a limited number of these modified phones left, and the Uber is a much more powerful version, I've decided to discontinue the lite computer.

The other option was to configure the lite roulette computer software to work with more mobile phones, but still most phones wouldn't be suitable, and the costs to do this are not viable for "sales" of the technology. The lite computer was designed to be a "stepping stone" to the more advanced computers like the Uber, so it is designed to produce profit in real casino conditions.

If you wish to purchase one of the last 2 Lite computers, see link:://:.roulette-computers.com/purchase/
"The only way to beat roulette is by increasing the accuracy of predictions"
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Roulette-computers.com ← Hidden electronics that predicts the winning number
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The date and time for the Live Webcam Roulette Computer Demo is set as below:

Thursday, 31st January, 2013
10:00 am
Timezone: GMT +11 (daylight savings), Australia, Melbourne


Convert this to your local time at link:://:.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc


Unfortunately the time of day isn’t convenient for everyone, but I always try to conduct demos at times that suit most people. Please read the following carefully.

About what you will see:

I will conduct a live demonstration of my roulette computer using only basic settings, and on one of the most common roulette wheels. The demonstration is not to show you all capabilities of the computer. It is only to show you clear proof of effectiveness on a wheel that is difficult to beat. If you want to see “everything”, you will need to attend a “private” demo which is conducted only for players with intent to purchase on the day of demonstration.

The computer has been developed over many years and is capable of far more than what you will see. More details of what it and other versions can do are at :.roulettecomputers.com/comparison.htm

You will be able to chat me live. You will be able to ask me to verify that the footage is live at any time. This is the point of doing everything “live”. I will be able to comply with any reasonable request to prove the footage is not pre-recorded.

So you better understand some of the terminology I use and the basic science behind roulette computers, see the videos below before attending the demo:

Visual ballistics Part 1:
Free Roulette System Genuinewinner.com | Video 1 of 3

Visual ballistics Part 2:
Free Roulette System Genuinewinner.com | Video 2 of 3

Visual ballistics Part 3:
Free Roulette System Genuinewinner.com | Video 3 of 3

These videos teach a very basic visual ballistics method. My roulette computers are far more accurate and capable, but again the webcam demo will only show you a basic demo with basic settings to make everything as simple as possible for everyone.

About the wheel, ball and conditions you will see

The wheel is a Mk7 John Huxley wheel with Velstone ball track. It is often referred to as a “Saturn” wheel. More about it is at link:://:.tcsjohnhuxley.com/en/live-gaming/roulette-wheels/saturn-roulette-wheel.html

One of its distinct identifying features is the ball track (where the ball rolls). It has a “grainy” appearance. What makes it special is it’s tougher and more resistant to wear and tear. This makes the wheel much harder to beat than normal wheels. Additionally the ball’s roll is considerably more chaotic than on wheels with normal ball tracks.

We will be using an ivorine ball which has a slight yellowish appearance. It is much bouncier and less predictable than the teflon balls most often used by casinos.

The predictions will be made about 14 seconds before the ball falls. This is much earlier than most roulette computers are capable of predicting. Most computers predict when there is about 7 seconds before the ball falls.

Overall, the conditions you will see have about an 9/10 difficulty rating, with 5/10 being average.


Signup at :.ustream.tv and go to Roulette Computer
You can only view the video stream on a device that has Flash installed. See link:://:.adobe.com/shockwave/welcome/

To view the channel video, the password is: neverrandom

NOTE: You can view the video stream without logging in, but you need to actually login to use the chat feature. When you login, other users will see your account name so do NOT use your real name. Take this seriously as privacy is important to for players.

Be there at the correct time, and use the below site to convert between timezones:

When I begin broadcasting, you will see the video footage begin. There is usually a commercial advertisement at the start.

The entire demo should be complete in less than 2 hours.


You will be able to chat me and ask questions. Please ask VERY CLEAR questions so everyone can understand them. You will be able to hear me, but I’ll only be able to READ your questions. Links are not permitted in the chat window and any attendees who behave in an unsociable way will be banned.

The ideal time for me to conduct a demonstration that suits most people is at a very inconvenient time for me. Because of the timezone differences of this upcoming demo, it is not clear how many people will be able to watch. I will be conducting another demo at a different time but it may be months from now depending on my schedule.

If you intend to watch this demo live, please send me an email to confirm your attendance so I can get an idea of how many people will be watching. And remember that anyone can watch, but you will need a ustream account to use the chat feature.

Best Regards,

Steve | Management
Roulette Wheel Analysis Group
ACN 090 739 754
Skype: rouletteanalysis
Ph. +61 3 9018 5395 (Australia, +10 GMT, 9am-5pm)
Calls from the public must be on Thursdays. Calls from players can be other days, but must be scheduled via email to guarantee availability of consultants.

See my schedule page at link:://genuinewinnerroulette.blogspot.com/ so you know when to expect a response. ALL players should subscribe to the blog for important updates.

Roulette system (no electronics):
Looking for proof of effectiveness? See :.genuinewinner.com/proof.html

Electronic prediction devices:
Public demo recordings at:

Roulette Forums:

Our Energy Research / Non-profit Organization:
"The only way to beat roulette is by increasing the accuracy of predictions"
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Roulette-computers.com ← Hidden electronics that predicts the winning number
Roulettephysics.com/roulette-strategy ← Why most systems lose


If you missed this morning's live webcam demo of my roulette computer, you can see the full unedited recording at:


Remember it was streamed live, so the quality is not great, but still good enough. A second camera also recorded everything in high definition, and this better recording will be made available to players by the end of today. This secondary recording shows some extra parts such as data on the roulette computer's screen. This extra data was only for actual players to see.

Soon the better footage will have the extra parts edited out, and will be made available to the public. So even if you are not one of my players, you will still be able to see the high quality recording soon.

Approximately 40 people witnessed the demo live. Over 100 people informed me they couldnt attend at such short notice especially with the timezone differences, and I'm sure many more were in the same situation. This is why it was recorded. Some attendees were players who already have the computer, but most were listed as "guests" which did not have a ustream account.

The main point of the demo was to do an open and public demo that anyone could attend and see things for themselves. Proof doesn't get any better than seeing for yourself. Another option when investigating anything is to believe whatever you read without further investigation, but such an approach won't get you accurate information.

I have done many of these demos before, but most have been in-person such as the one at link:://:.roulettecomputers.com

The roulette computer devices I offer are by far the most accurate and practical available anywhere. If you wish to see more, you can attend a PRIVATE demo in which you will see all capabilities of the technology. These private demos are conducted only to players with actual intent to purchase on the day of demonstration. They can be conducted either in-person, or live via webcam. In private demos you are also welcome to apply other roulette computers against the same spins so you see the difference in accuracy and understand why some are cheap. Further details about private demos are at link:://:.genuinewinner.com/demonstrations/

I develop my roulette computers to be used in real casino conditions by my own teams who pay me part of their profits. I did not create them to sell. Nevertheless, I still sell some of them at a high but justifiable price. I offer various models for different budgets, and it is very common for players to purchase the more powerful versions with winnings from the more affordable versions. The roulette computers and genuinewinner.com system are still the easiest way to make money I've ever found. The casinos already know about them, but considering 99.99% of casino players lose, the casinos are not overly concerned with profits made by the minority. As I say during the demo, what you earn is mostly about being undetected. Sure you can win $100,000 in a day, but you'll be noticed. So more modest amounts of $500 - $2000 per session are the better option for sustained profits.

For more information about my technology, visit link:://:.genuinewinner.com and link:://:.roulettecomputers.com
"The only way to beat roulette is by increasing the accuracy of predictions"
Roulettephysics.com ← Professional roulette tips
Roulette-computers.com ← Hidden electronics that predicts the winning number
Roulettephysics.com/roulette-strategy ← Why most systems lose