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Simple even chance bet
Jun 18, 05:38 AM 2014
This simple method can be played alongside any other systems/methods you are using to supplement your profit!

1. Bets are triggered only by observing spins which result in the 1-18 range.

2. IF any number in the 1-18 range appears and that number is also followed by a 5, 12, 16, 4, or 8 THEN your bet is made.

3. IF that second number is a 5, 12, or 16, THEN you bet low (1-18) and the first dozen (which is an overlap of some of the numbers) plus you play the 23-24 split.

4. However, IF that second number is a 4 or an 8, THEN you bet high (19-36) and you also bet the third dozen.. (again an overlap) plus you play the 0-3 split.

You can decide your own stakes.
You can decide whether you make the three bets.
You can decide the stake splits on the three bets. For instance you can bet 10 or 20 units on the high or low, 5 units on the dozen and 1 unit on the split

The very best of luck to you!



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Re: Simple even chance bet
Jun 26, 07:50 AM 2014
Thanks for the tip sas, look forward to giving it a test run