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"24 rooms"

Started by WannaWin, Mar 16, 01:28 PM 2010

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  • Odds: Negative Progression (increase in losses), and doubles the rate at winning.
  • Playing the dozens.
  • 3 variants of the game.


Option - 1

Used progression rates 4-8-16-24. We play for 2 dozen (1-2 or 2-3). The bet is made according to a recent back - if there was more (19-36) put on 2 and 3 dozen, and if there were fewer (1-18) set at 1 and 2 dozen). In case of loss do next bet on progression according to the spin. When the rate of 24 - are starting once again to put an initial bid.

In the event of winning bets - doing double the bet on the same dozen. If you win twice the rate again begins to put an initial bid, if doubling th bet loses - do the following rate for progression according to the back. Using this system is a lot to lose. Must complete the game, if there is a prize.

Option - 2
Also played as the first option, but instead of betting on the dozen or so, used ET-rate. Instead, bet on 1 and 2 dozen chips to put 3-6-12-18 LESS (1-18) and 1-2-4-6 on sikslayn (19-24). And accordingly, instead of a bet on 2 and 3 dozen 3-6-12-18 put chips into large (19-36), and 1-2-4-6 on sikslayn (13-28).

Option - 3
Is played as 1 option only at a prize, do not double rate, and put the current win + return rate.
If winning bids 4 (2 +2) - The following rate of 6 (3 +3)
If winning bids 8 (4 +4) - next rate 12 (6 +6)
If winning bids 16 (8 +8) - The following rate 24 (12 +12)
If winning bid 24 (12 +12) - next bet 36 (18 +18)
Roulette is the hardest game and the more exciting for everyone because it is easy to operate and pays 35 to 1.