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Ii understand the principle about wheel bias. But (how) do you calculate the pockets? So how far it bounce out and falls in a other number.

I see on a wheel in a casino I sometimes visits a few things. For example the dominant diamond but how to "calculate" or perhaps "predict" a certain number is quite hard.

Also I think when a number falls for example 9. Then I bet the opposite numbers straight of the wheel of that number so 34/17/6.

Is that a system/ strategy anyone else tested out?


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We are on BIAS research now but we could not afford for the BIAS on the ball, wheel, rotor, and etc... because we are not bringing any supercomputer or mobile app into casino to test out the bias.

In our BIAS finding philosophy, we are researching on how to base on the "uncommon" to find the "common" so that we could ignore the "bias" numbers in quicker time and manually.

Keep it short in our philosophy, we find and exclude the "bias" numbers to bet.


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Well not really "new" but its been over a year since I visited this forum. Was not very active posting, well did made some posts but more of reader.

Didn't want to make a new topic since this already existed.

Anyway I have more time now and will be more active once again :) Busy with stuff. But back in the game of roulette once more :D


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