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5000 for 1$ bets on numbers...dont know for dozens and other crap
Law of the sixth...<when you play roulette there will always be a moron tells you that you will lose to the house edge>



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With 15 pages to look over,  i'll just ask.

How many units should you take to the table? 100? 1000? or 4000?
Has it not been said most players do not have a big enough bank roll.

So how much

$1000 divided into six bankrolls @ $1 betting units should suffice



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For any system and not advantage play (signature,  computers,  VB etc) I think anything less than 1000 units depth is doomed.  I actually would prefer to play with bots online more hours with even smaller.  Like 0,10 euro unit and 500 1000 euro bankroll (5000-10000+ units depth)  Then I MAY have any small chance

I agree.  10,000 units should cover it, but I've seen a rare losing period where it came kinda close to maxing that out, using the Labby Calculator 1.5 .  https://www.rouletteforum.cc/index.php?topic=3619.15

I now plan to just have 20,000 units, just in case a super rare losing pattern suddenly shows up.  That way I'll always be in the "comfort zone" (no fear of running out of money) despite unusual losing periods.  ;-)


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