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Aspers casino
Nov 16, 06:56 PM 2016
Why did Aspers casinos take the touch screens off the tables?

I'll tell you why, they did not like players at touch screens when tables get busy, being able to place large number of chips, over say 27/28 numbers.
So they now don't let you play the actual tables, you play a wheel thats up on a podium, where they don't waste time paying out winning bets,so enabling players to lay a large spread of numbers, as they spin on the light.
Now they have got everyone on 45 second bet time and bet that wont be long till they drop it to Steves 30 second spins.

So whats the first thing to happen when you start to play, it's Winkels bi-norminal distribution, spin 1, 36 to come 1 possible to repeat. 0X's being heavy, lets say 10 spins 1 repeat, making spin 11, 28,0x's, hard to get on with short spin times.
There's the reason, they don't like large spreads on the mat, it's more easy to win
How do you win at roulette, simple, make the right decision