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I've been struggling with this question for many years now....How to find the best Wingoal/Stoploss?...

Also, how long one session should be (for ultimate profit with that particular system), because *Most* (if not all? Roulette systems have a definite time that the profit/trend Rise, after x number of spins *it will go down* and crash (go into negative BR)...

So, how you do? How you find the answer to these questions?

(1) First you do a few *short tests* 5-10 should be enough. SET wingoal to +1000u, and Stoploss -2000u. (5u bets) (That is to determine the Maximum profit for this particular betselection) Run this 5-10 test until they crash/ Reach the Stoploss-limit of -2000u.

(2) Now, study these 5-10 charts. *Note the lowest peaks and the highest peaks within those

(a) The LOW PEAKS this is the maximum drop before rising/ and reaching some kind of Positive BR...After study ALL low peaks within the 5-10 charts you got, it will be easy to determine the STOPLOSS. That particular stoploss based on the *low peaks*--> Set a stoploss to cover most/All "Low peaks" within the charts.

(b) The HIGH PEAKS /Same thing but the opposite of the "Low peaks"---> Not all Sessions will reach the wingoal here (+1000u) So, What is a "High peak"? -That is when a Chart Rise to a positive BR, (but not reach Wg/+2000u) but Drops again, and goes down into a negative BR. ....So, As you study these "High peaks" within the 5-10 charts, it will be easy to Set a WINGOAL. Because, a "wingoal" should include the "worst case scenarios" (include the lowest peaks within the charts to Reach maximum profit). (it will be easy when you calculate on this, based on the charts you got).

(2) NExt. SESSION Lenght. This is also essential to know for each different betselections...because as i said; There is a definite time (for each betselection) that the profit/trend Rise, after x number of spins *it will go down* and crash (go into negative BR)...This must be known.

(a) Set the STOPLOSS to -5000u this time. (but No wingoal) (5u bets) Run the system, again, until it Rise, and finally crash and goes down into a Negative BR of -5000u. Now, When you have done this with a couple of *longer sessions*.(depending of long-lasting your betselection will be).. Study these charts;

(b) In these longer session charts, you will also see a definite Trend; It goes UP and reaches a *PEAK* (The highest profit/Maximum profit).....before it finally drops, and BR goes negative..[/u]....Now again, Study These PEAKS....and study after how many spins the occur?......... This should also be a definite pattern here; After X number of spins you'll find the peak (for this particular betselection) before it goes down.... When you will find the *PEAK* recurring in several long term sessions...you will Also know the MAXIMUM LENGHT your should play this system before STOP. (IF you are a fool, you will continue to play, and think you will win endlessly. In reality this will not happen).

That's it.  8)

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"Focus on predicting wheel sectors where the ball is expected to land" ~Steve

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