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Hi guys,

I was wondering what you think about this system. It's a basic progression system. I tried it out for real money, on paper, and online ( not in this order). You can place a bet on 1 number, or as I did on a split.
Ofcourse it doesnt matter which two numbers, and you can stay on those two numbers or switch. Whatever you want.
Bet split $ 0,1. Quit after 50 losing spins ( -$ 18,4).

If you hit, you win money. If you don't after 50 spins you lost $ 18,4 and it is a losing session.

No of spins: 56947
Winning sessions: 3207
losing sessions: 184
profit: $ 223,10

Is the sample size good enough? Is there a way a bot can make these kinds of bets? Because it takes a lot of work XD.


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Lot of effort for 200 odd dollars


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Lot of effort for 200 odd dollars

True. But I rather start off small. It´s not like poker where you can´t assume you still a winning player when you go up to higher limits. If it works with roulette, and you are more confident, you can select a bigger amount ( gotto watch the table limit though).

I also tried it in real casino with $ 2.5 ( is the minimum) placed on a split. But that sample size is somewhat smaller. A losing session costs $ 435.

Spins: 33017
winning sessions: 1904
losing sessions: 101
total win: $ 6.652


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Hello, you are still here, im not roulette player at all thats in first.

I am poker player for living, and last time doing some calcualtions and work to make bot for another "game of chances" :)

and I can test any strategy for millions of bets in fair game in the longrun.

anyone can please  tell me how to try this? Split in roulette is 1-17 it means I need to test this on ~5.5%(100% chance with 1% house edge) where I can get 17x unit profit, and back my initial bet?!


why you choosed 50losing streak session for 5.5% why not smaller or bigger?

one of the biggest question, how much is your record for losing sessions(50bets) in row?!

what you can say, about record for secuences how much is record in how long period how much you get losing 50 bet sessions?(because for 5.5% 50 red bets in row, is very very common) to watch tour numbers, it means in your game in this small sample size you awarage was getting one losing session in every ~300bets

but -propability calcualtor says that you can get it more, more, more often, but yes what i see you need something about 300bets to recover every 50bets losing session.

and after that 50 losing bets in row, you are waiting hit with 0(zero) betting, or simple dont wait anything and start betting from basebet?!

iw made script for bot already, and test it in next few hours, and say

tested it for 10k bets, and all what i can say your results are "upswing" :)

iv get even 6times 50reds loosing secuences in 1000k bets. so winrate dont cover losing sessions, iv stop testing after 90% luck run for 4k bets, in 6k bets iv get 21 times 50reds


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