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Not roulette i know but i felt this could be approaced quite similar. Noticed this new live "lucky" wheel has been pop'ing up all around the last month or 2 on highroller youtube/streamers. Not to be confused some binary options scam software nor wooden handcrafting.

Im thinking of this live wheel:

Now im going to jump straight to the point. At first i was put off as the math it quite heavily against the player, but i couldnt help noticing many "1" in the videos ive watched. Being a fairly uh .. eager .. user of boring EC grinding with small progressions/flatbetting i couldnt really believe why people wasnt all playing the EC game on "1"  aka 1:1 or a combination of "1" and "2" (2:1) as either recovery safeguard or as seperate progressions. Seriously i watch some who could have quadrupled their bankroll if he had flatbettet instead of mindlessly squander units on 10, 20 and 40 every spin. I mean i think the "worst" streak of non-"1"'s has to be only 6 spins long. IF that holds true then you can indeed also Martingale "1"'s easy.

Now i would like to stress that im not trying in any way to suggest anyone go play this game. Heck i dont even have access to the game yet (small country lol), but i see it pop up in Uk & Germany so it cant be far off. Just noticed what i think is a trend in the game & wanted to hear if any of you noticed similar or already has some experience that you want to share.

Because everything else about the wheel does scream imbalance. Its quite clearly a clone of the "Super wheel" RNG game that ive noticed has the payoff of 1, 3, 5, 11 , 23 and 47 .. with 52 total "numbers". In Dream Catcher the payout's been degraded to 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40 but also added two "multipliers" aka 2x & 7x .. for a total of 54 "numbers". The multipliers is clearly what sells the game as if you hit multiple like put 1 unit on "40" and then hit 7x, 7x , 40 .. that 1 unit pays out 1960 units. Of cause the chance of that happeing must be like finding a giraffe on the northpole. Only positive thing i can think of that its a "live" wheel turned by a real human.

Quick stats review:
"1": 23x places, 42,6% of wheel.
"2": 15x places, 27,8% of wheel.
"5":  7x places, 13,0% of wheel.
"10" 4x places, 7,4% of wheel.
"20" 2x places, 3,7% of wheel.
"40" 1x places, 1,8% of wheel.
"2x" 1x places, 1,8% of wheel.
"7x" 1x places, 1,8% of wheel.
Total: 54 places. I guess you could argue the two multipliers could be excluded, but hey there are there so better think "glass is half empty" on this one.

A bit of brain diving: Now the thing about roulette is that is balanced and i think that is probably why it so hard to beat. Also wheel size and distribution clearly matters. As the second you bet on Black you can easily get Red for 10 spins in a row. Could 54 sized wheel be the reason that i imagine seeing so many "1" than the procentage should produce? That being said i have seen less than the procentage as well, but it seems uncommon. Perhaps "hot/cold" sections spread out more on a larger wheel or "swing" slower? The placement of the "5"s do seem a bit clustered too (unlike Super wheel where is more even over the wheel)- Then there is the 2x and 7x multipliers. Certainly dosnt hurt slowplaying "1" or "1"+"2" hoping to hit one of the multipliers randomly as the chance of hitting "1" afterwards is still the highest.

Keywords for later: short marty, wait for virtual loss then marty, paroli those "1" streaks.
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