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Hi there, I won't bore you with the details but I have tested my system on the same wheel for nearly 5 months and the results are remarkable losses come once every 20 spins! for those wondering it isn't as simple as that it's a very situational system that has 4-5 hour sittings of analysing data and dealers.

Recently I have been playing for real but I approached it in a way where I wanted to avoid all losses so I would take a calculated gamble when my system triggered and so far I have not lost in 27 spins. However, I have been playing low stakes betting 29 units and make 7 units back so i'm not exactly rich from it. Another approach I've been thinking about is going all in betting 580 units making 140 back then betting 140 units till I lose by abusing it, of course it will hurt if I lose my max bet stake first time in asking. 

Is there a better way to approach this system? I have also thought of just flat betting and gulping the losses relying to profit in the long run but I would need a very good bank management strat for that. Any pointers from you more experienced guys will be greatly appreciated.


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