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The only way to beat roulette is by increasing accuracy of predictions (changing the odds). This is possible on many real wheels.

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Free software: find roulette spin patterns

Started by Steve, Feb 29, 10:58 PM 2016

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I've been meaning to release this software for a while but wanted to add something to it. I havent had time so am publishing it as-is.

To download the software and instructions, visit:

It's mostly a simple tool for newbie players to learn some basic rules for themselves. In a nutshell, the software checks millions of spins for a specific SEQUENCE of spins you specify.

For example you could have 10,000,000 spins and want to see how many times you get the spins 0,0,0,0,0 or 0,1,2,3,4 etc.
"The only way to beat roulette is by increasing the accuracy of predictions"
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Hi Steve

Can you please make it able to scans for EC patterns?  BRBRRB or EEOEOO or HLHHLL


I've been looking for such a tool for so long. Thank you very much - it will boost my success in Roulette  :thumbsup:
I have a love - hate - relationship with roulette.