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Precognition really works

Started by precogmiles, Jan 09, 04:18 PM 2018

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I can actually confirm that. For me these are sectors. You can train that. 30 years ago there were still French boilers in Austria that had an incline of almost 40 degrees. The ball fell almost exactly into the number wheel. The new American boilers are very flat. The ball jumps from number to number.


How do you win at roulette, simple, make the right decision


Another update.

I've been doing more research into how all of this works. There are so many factors and ideas to consider.

My understanding now is that seeing and creating are the same thing. Different stages but both interact with the same substance.

We think we see but we don't.
We think we move but we don't.

Giodarno bruno had very interesting ideas.

So much of magic is misunderstood and treated with contempt but there are some interesting ideas in there too.


Interesting ideas, can you share any insight into what has led you to that understanding?


Quote from: Klausy on Dec 08, 02:54 PM 2021
Interesting ideas, can you share any insight into what has led you to that understanding?

Just sent you a pm



Quote from: Klausy on Mar 21, 04:50 AM 2021
For me, rather than manifestation, it's definitely more about getting a glimpse of something meaningful in the very near future. What I mean is, if you think it's going to be a zero but it ends up hitting it's neighbour 26, the main takeaway from that spin is that it nearly hit zero and you see it bounce out of zero, the fact it ended up in 26 is less significant in the memory. So your prediction of zero is that something significant happened with zero, not the result.

As such, I would try and not focus on the wheel, just on the numbers that appear on the previous results bit of the screen, if there is one, so that the meaningful bit is the actual result, not how you nearly hit your number.
If anyone that cares still frequents this board, just to right a wrong, it is actually all manifestation, I was incorrect.
Thanks to those who posted about that and the law of attraction.


6th if I have too many repeats I have to change the target but I'm struggling with the sector part .
sorry  wrong page :)