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Hi there guys!

I have been snooping around on this forum for almost a year now, tested many systems with no luck.

But i think i have come up with something that i want to share with you! I have been playing this sytem for 6 hours today, and i am up 2000 units i think.

First of all exuse me for my bad english!
Second of all here is the system:

The system is based on the law of the third.
In every 36 spin cycle there well be 2/3 repeaters that hit 3 times or more. We are going for the 2 repeaters that hit 2 or more times.

Begin the session with writing all the numbers spun.

If it spun 1, you write down 1. and so on.

If there is a repeater in the 36 spin cycle you bet 1 unit on the repeater.
You do that with all the repeaters, and the bet stays in the cycle.

The aim is to get the 2 repeaters that hit 2/3 times.

When you are at +- the 30 spin, and there is no hit. You begin betting more on the numbers.

I use the 1,2,4,6,8 progression, but you can change that in whatever you like.

Maybe i have got something,or i am extremely lucky today.

If you have questions, ask!


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